Your here, but do try not to use there

Your skills*I can screenshare someone if they are hacking*I have been a owner of a server and I understand the responsibilities that come with this rank *I do basketball and I cannot always be online on the weekdays*I do not know the community that well but I am making an effort to stand out*I know a lot about this game and this gamemode and I can help people better than other staff members because of this knowledge*I am awkward at first but once I get to know you, I am outgoing with conversation*Even when I am away, I can help users on discord and on the forums unless I do not have my phone, or my phone is dead.Why we should choose youThe thing that makes me stand out is my experience with server owning and moderating. I believe I have more experience than some of the other staff users. This server is a great server and I feel I can make a difference with it by helping users on a daily basis. I can do whatever the owners need me to do. I can read forums posts and discord problems when I am not online. I can come online when you need me unless I am out of town at a basketball game or with my family because I hold my family as my number one priority. I believe I should be picked to be a staff member over the other applicants because of my experience and my availability AvailabilityWhen can we call on you? We’re looking for specifics here (ie. 9:00am to 11:00pm weekdays and weekends).You can call on me from 5:00pm to 9:00pm unless I have a game. On weekends you can call on me from 11:00am to around 7:00pm.TimezoneWhat is your timezone? (If between timezones, which is most frequented?)My timezone is eastern standard time.Previous ExperienceHave you been staff on another server/network? (Rules against advertising do not apply here, but do try not to use there ip just the server’s name)I have been staff on a server called Mystic and zonepvp.What makes you more unique than other applicants?Why are you better than other players applying for staff? (Minimum 7 sentences required.)I am better than other players because of my experience and knowledge of the game. I bet you did not know that ever block in minecraft is three feet in real life, and Steve is six feet tall if he were in real life. I also think I should be chosen because of my availability. I believe I should be chosen for helper because of my attempt to build a bond with the staff members and the community as a whole. I can build bonds fairly fast and I do not like to do people wrong. I’ve been betrayed and it is not fun. About yourselfNot requiredIs there anything you would like to share about yourself? Interests? Hobbies? Nicknames? We like to know our staff on a personal level, so this definitely helps!I play soccer, basketball and I am a snare in the marching band. I have been told I will be lead snare junior year. I enjoy this server and I hope I am accepted. Also good luck to everyone who has applied.Thank you for taking your time to read my application and have an amazing day/night!