Youngest Jayanth is an inspiration to execute images. “Photography

Youngest wildlife photographers from

Wildlife photography is not much easiest genre. It requires a
good knowledge and experience in some field craft techniques. Always Wildlife
photographer plays challenging tasks for their projects because it is not easy
to approach all animals in field. Wildlife observation is one of the biggest
tools of wildlife photographers. Here are our youngest wildlife photographers
from our side.

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Jayanth Sharma:

Jayanth took his photography as
his full time job in 2004.Before he coming into photography he is an IT
Professional and this passion force him towards photography. A fierce
commitment is presence behind the working passion of Jayanth. He got best
awards in Global Arctic Awards in 2004 and Nature’s Best Photography Windland
Awards 2016. Jayanth is an inspiration to execute images.

is at its most powerful when style flair and content originality come together”
says Jayanth.


Kalyan Verma:

Kalyan varma not only a
photographer he is also a film maker and conservationist. Kalyan Varma is also
part in peepli project and India Nature Watch. He got several awards but now
recently he got Carl Zeiss Wildlife Conservation Award in 2017.Kalyan works with
both BBC and National Geographical Secrets of Wild India. He is part in Nature
InFocus which is related to photography and conversation.

Rathika Ramasamy:

In India Rathika only first woman
wildlife photographer. Rathika has fierce connect with nature. She started
photography in 2004 as bird photography and now she specialized in field too.
For rarest bird species she travelled national parks and sanctuaries which are
in India and Africa.

“Every time I press the shutter, it takes me one step closer to Mother
Nature”-says Rathika Ramasamy.

In 2016 Rathika invited as one of
the Jury for the Siena International Awards and Urban Photo Awards, Italy.
“Inspiration Icon Award” from prestigious Sathyabama University in 2015. 


Sudhir shivaram:

Sudhir started his photography in
the year of 1993.He left his job for photography while he is an engineer.
Sudhir shivaram is brand ambassador for canon and in 2012 he got an award as
recipient for Sanctuary Asia Wildlife Photographer. For beginners and others sudhir
conducting photography workshops to make them realize and understanding the
nature and wildlife photography.  Sudhir
also part in India Nature Wartch.