You the capability of producing electricity. It is water!

You use it everyday to survive and it has the capability of producing electricity.  It is water!  A battery and water mixed with baking soda, salt and dish detergent produces electricity in the form of bubbles, a process known as water electrolysis. The purpose of this paper is to give an explanation of electrolysis and an understanding of how water will conduct electricity when mixed with key ingredients.  Electrolysis is the process of causing a chemical reaction to occur by passing an electric current through a substance or mixture of substances.  In 1800, William Nicholson, an english chemist and inventor, discovered electrolysis by making his own battery and submerging the leads into water. When he did that, the water broke up into hydrogen and oxygen and formed bubbles separately from each other.  This was a chemical reaction by electricity from the battery, known as electrolysis!To make it simple electrolysis, it is a scientific way of separating substances using an electric current. Water electrolysis is the process of breaking down water into its two components: hydrogen and oxygen. To do this you must have a source of energy, a battery will do the trick. You must also have an electrolyte such as salt or acid. The salt or acid will dissolve and create electrically charged particles. To make the electricity you need a conductor that makes contact with the water. When the electrical current is applied, the bubbles form.  The bubbles are the splitting of the water into hydrogen and oxygen – water electrolysis.Today, there are many types and uses for electrolysis.  One use of electrolysis is for hair removal. It is a common way to permanently remove unwanted hair to improve appearance.  This method was invented by Dr. Charles Michel in 1875.  A small needle is put into the skin where hair grows.  Next, a small electrical current goes through the small needle and into the skin and breaks the hair follicle. After that hair cannot grow back in that area where the treatment was done.  Another use of electrolysis is in the industrial field in electroplating metals.  Electroplating is coating one metal with another using electric currents.  Metals that corrode easily are coated with metals that do not corrode.  Electroplating is used for jewelry to make it cheaper. A cheaper metal like steel or zinc can be coated or plated in gold.  Electroplating is used on cars to protect from corrosion. Electrolysis plays an important role in life. It can coat metals, protect the finish on cars, remove hair and even make jewelry cheaper and more affordable.  In the future, hydrogen could be produced by electrolysis and possibly used for a gasoline.  The process over time will be improved and probably be more important in the future than even now!