Yet her daughter to pick. Bailey never answered her

Yet another school shooting has come to pass. Just earlier this week, according to CNN, a fifteen year old violently killed two students, and injured 12 innocent victims at Marshall County High School in Benton, Kentucky. The two deceased students were high schoolers Bailey Holt and Preston Cope. The mother of Bailey, Secret Holt, insistently called her daughter after hearing the horrifying news, yearning for her daughter to pick. Bailey never answered her mother’s calls, but eventually called her mother back; by that time though, it was too late. Bailey did not have the ability to speak to her mother on the phone. Bailey Holt died on Tuesday at her high school in Benton, Kentucky.Bailey Holt was just fifteen years old, and according to her father, Jasen Holt, she was perfect. Jasen spoke of how he drove Bailey to school on the morning that she was killed, and kissed her in parting. It’s a scary thing to think that a “see you later” can turn into a “goodbye” without any warning. Only good could be said of Bailey Holt, and she will be greatly missed among her family and friends. According to CNN, the suspect, a fifteen year old boy, is being charged with two counts of murder as well as 12 counts of first-degree assault. Due to the fact that the killer is underage, he remains unnamed. The government has seen the results of continuing to allow citizens “the right to bear arms”. When is our government going to say that they’ve seen enough? It’s apparent that some people can’t deal with the right to own a gun, therefore, the second amendment right should be taken away from everyone. Taking away that right will undoubtedly cause uproar among the people, but I think that we can let them have their fury if it causes less lives to be lost in the long run. Gun violence has become an everyday occurance. Mass shootings have become somewhat of a normalcy. Our society is becoming numb to the lives that are being lost at the hands of malicious perpetrators. I don’t want this shooting to just become another hashtag. We need to rally together to stop the gun violence once and for all. No guns for anyone but our military and police. As for hunters, they can use a bow and arrow of some other type of weapon. Guns aren’t necessary for the lives of everyday people. Tell me, what did we do before guns?