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To conclude, Market
is changing and businesses are re-shaping themselves to remain competitive and
provide value to their shareholders. HCL, as a managed Service Provider, has a
vast opportunity to drive these changes in the business environment for
customers, acting as a technology consultant and holistic IT partner to help
them in their journey to becoming Digital.

There will have
to be increased association between humans and machine intelligence when it
comes to business processes and decision-making.  Automation will
foster better visibility and increased communication.

There will be close
collaboration between IT and other business units. It will aid in business
divisions improving at working together to adapt new technology. The businesses
will find their departments to be working jointly with IT to determine which
hardware, software, services, and other technical solutions they shall deploy.


In addition to
this, flexibility of a company as a whole is also being viewed as a key
differentiator. Service Providers who can bring this to the table will now have
better mind share of the customer.

The market is
seeing a demand for resources with interpersonal skills, collaborative
qualities, and workers with diverse experiences. The resources will have to be
more adaptable and flexible to changes. This will become vital for future
changes in IT. 



leaders will increasingly look at Service Providers to help not only optimize
their IT spend but also brokerage their IT spend with third party organizations
such as Cloud and Data Center providers.

As per a CIO
survey- apart from security, CIOs are increasingly spending towards business
initiatives such as im­proving customer experience, improving business
processes, increasing operational ef­ficiency, and business expansion.

With the
technological changes, businesses will have to relook at their budgets and will
have to ensure that  this technological
change is developed and maintained by the organization as a whole. This is
evident in majority of the reshaping deals (contract renewals) being witnessed
by HCL. 


In order to
remain competitive, speed at which businesses can adapt to the technological
changes is a key for survival. With increased dependency on the technical
aspect and its impact on the profits, IT professionals will evolve and will make
decisions and develop strategies which will have a direct impact on the

to Adapt

With the
advancement in Technology, there will be an increase in the security related
problems for the business. According to a study, the global spend on security will
be $90 billion in 2017 and will further increase to $113 billion by 2020. The
CXOs will have to focus on the increased security threats and assess the
possible solutions available to protect against these threats. The most recent
example for this can be seen in the Ransomware attack which had hit companies
across geographies causing a loss of several billion dollars. Many of our
existing customers are also revisiting their Security strategies to counter
this threat. In some recent proposal defense, this has been observed to be a
major deciding factor.


According to a study, 68% of the companies
listed responsiveness (agility) as one of the most important initiative. There
needs to be an increased responsiveness in Businesses to adapt new technology, in
line with the company’s vision. The next generation technology leaders will be
the ones who will be able to rapidly change their technology landscape to meet
their business demands. Organizations will have to adopt more agile Business Delivery
models like DevOps.


Automation is the
biggest driver in making a significant shift in running IT while providing
innovation for the future. According to a study, the biggest anticipated
benefits of increased automation are- increased time to focus on important IT
initiatives (88%), increased efficiency (85%), faster problem solving (54%),
and a reduction in errors or compliance reinforcement (54%). This is supported
by increased opportunities being seen by HCL in the global markets where automation
is the key driver for all the changes.  This
makes a compelling case for HCL’s DRYiCE framework which helps drive lean and
agile culture in an organization. 


IT continues to
be the major driving force for all these changes. Let us look at the various aspects
of the change Market is undergoing:

Due to these
trends, technology is increasingly freeing workers from their routine tasks. Large
amount of data is being analyzed, enabling machines to make key business
decisions, leaving more time for humans to focus on immediate or future planning
and expansion possibilities.

Every company
irrespective of its size is undergoing or experiencing change in the area of technology
and cost; namely automation, rapid adoption of cloud-based services, and  off late, artificial intelligence along with
reduced technology budgets. These drivers are important for the companies to
survive through the competitive market with the changing landscape.

This article is supported
by our learnings from numerous opportunities/RFP’s we have read and responded
to in the global market over the last 12 months.

By Saurabh Oberoi


Market Landscape


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