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Written by: Edward YeboaBusiness online.Huge online business and how they started their journey to become the biggest well known websites/search engines in the world.Google started out to be a research project. Amazon started out as a online book shop. Netflix started out because the owner did not want to pay a fine so started their own movie renting service. GoogleGoogle started out as a research project in January 1996 it was created to do conventional searches and rank results and how many times the term appears. As they had something that could become the best search engine on the internet.The business kept in growing  and started to expand they now they  have youtube,gmail,their own software used for phones called android,google map and more they have 70,000 employees at their headquarters.Google has made $  24.75 billion on revenue and $7.73 from each share sold .Google decided to have a new plc called Alphabet in 2010 to take over google as they would have less business to take care of. Google’s future plan is to continue to expand their business as they almost acquire a business every week since 2010 and also to become a tech giant as they have be trying to break in the phone industry for years and finally got a flagship phone people wanted.Google main competitors are: Yahoo,AOL,Monster Worldwide,Microsoft and more.How google operates online.They provide online services to use for free in example, translate, Maps,Youtube,Business tools and more. Their main income come is from their advertising service and google adwords came from these services.They also provide goods in example Phones and watches.Google provide easy ways to find websites access them and to read the news online.Google does not offer customer testimonials for their main purpose but for their subsidiary companies they do for example youtube takes feedback from people on how to improve their website.Google has 13 sections on their website: All, maps, news,videos,images,more,settings,tools,safesearch,google apps,notifications,accounts and the most important one is the search bar that includes a mechanic that listen to your voice to type.Google does target  you with personalised ads (marketing) for other companies to sell you their product you might be interested in.Amazon.Amazon started out as a  online book shop that the only purpose was to sell books and now amazon has become the largest internet based retailer around the world, as they made a lot of profit they started to buy companies for example audible.com and twitch and recently they bought wholefoods these  are great examples of amazon taking over well established businesses.Amazon’s main target audience are teenagers and adults as it  usable for everyone. Amazon has made $857 million in profit and $30.1 billion on revenue.Amazon has 40,000 people working at their hq.Amazon main competitors are ebay,netflix,time warner cable,apple  and google( play store). Amazon future plans are creating a key that let parcel delivers go into your house if you are not their. How amazon operates online.They provide a selling and buying service for products and provide amazon prime for free 1 day delivery and more services for a fee of £8 a month, by paying that fee you also have discounts on certain products and even free goodies on their different sites in example twitch has implemented amazon prime to prime free goodies and free subscriptions for everyone that has amazon prime. They have gift cards for people to buy and giveaway.Amazon logo design fits their online business as the arrow means that they offer everything from A to Z.Amazon advertise by using emails,tv advertising for certain deals but their world wide market effort for advertising depends on the country.   Amazon does not have a section for their new projects or updates as they announce them on their social media and at their convention.  Amazon does accept customer testimonials on their website, as customers can grade  the product and write a review of it. They also give customers information for the product they want to get.Amazon has   7 sections of their  website.                                       Netflix.Netflix is a entertainment company that provides movies and tv exclusives for a fee.Netflix started because the owner got fined by blockbuster and launched his own in 1998 with 38 employees at that time the provided dvd sales and rental till they decided to become a online streaming service.It was founded by Reed Hasting.Netflix has made $8.83 billion in their yearly revenue and $186.7  million in profits.The service can be used worldwide but is not allowed in certain countries.Netflix main competitors are:Amazon and Hulu as they both have streaming services.How netflix operates online.On Netflix website they provide a online streaming service that you have to pay a fee to access. They provide exclusive programs for their streaming service.Netflix offers a free 1 month for people to try out their services. Netflix advertise their services by social media in example by showing a teaser or having ads on facebook and twitter.On netflix they can  rate the movies that is some sort of customer testimonial as that will indicate if netflix should get more  movies or programs like that. Netflix has a online transactions that takes money from your account  monthly.Benefits to a business marketing online. Wide  audience.By having a online business you can have a wide audience for example amazon,they are known by millions of people as they are a well known online business that are open 24 hours a day,7 days a week. They do not need a lot of advertising to get their service across.By having a large audience you can market certain services for certain countries that will benefit them in example developed countries have amazon prime and some don’t.Global online presence.By having a big online presence, customers will always go to your online business first to find a product they need in example amazon.It will also help you to be more known by people around the world as people can differentiate amazon and their competitors as they provide a unique service that people around the world would use.By having a global presence you can manage your reputation and people can give positive and negative feedback on products your service provides as people 86% would pay more for services with high ratings.If something bad happens to the business for example amazon had to give out public statement on someone wanted to kill himself because of working conditions because they said they are going to change things and people respected it  and that minimized the pr damage.Access to website from phones/computer-distance shopping.Amazon can be accessed on phones, computers, gaming consoles,  tablets and more as long you can connect to the internet you shou.ld be able to go on amazon. Because of that people can order products from amazon every where they want and whatever time they want as well.Ordering system. The ordering system works 24 hours a day. Fewer misunderstandings between customers and employees. Customers can review their products before purchasing.There are no queues for the customer to order a product.The system can be used everyday with  as long you have a device that can connect to the internet.Enquiries can inform market research.With the questions amazon gets they can use that research to change things in their service and what product has the most questions about to have a detailed booklet for customers to use.Delivery.You can have your products next day or sometimes on the same day if you have amazon prime that you can get for paying a fee monthly.Standard delivery is free.No need for  expensive high street location.Because Amazon is a known company they do not need to have a  high street location as their business is known around the world.By having a high street location it would add extra costs to the business.