Written humiliate Leonato. He tells Don Pedro and Claudio

Written in EnglandBelieved to have been written between 1598-1599Published in the First Folio in 1623Middle of his Career1596- Death of Hamnet (his son)1598- Shakespeare’s plays are praised by many1599- The Globe Theater was builtAs a war is coming to a close, people are returning to Messina. Leonato, the governor of Messina, is greeted by a messenger, stating that Don Pedro (a prince from Aragon) is returning along with his forcesBenedick, a companion of Don Pedro has a “merry war” with Beatrice, Leonato’s niece. Meanwhile Claudio, a soldier, has developed feelings for Hero, Leonato’s daughterAt a masquerade ball later on, Don Pedro plans to impress Hero, dressed as Claudio.However Pedro’s antagonistic brother, Don John, tells Claudio that Pedro wants Hero for himself. The conflict was resolved and Claudio is set to marry Hero.After the lovers confess, Don John is convinced he will stop the wedding and humiliate Leonato. He tells Don Pedro and Claudio that Hero is unfaithful, and he makes it seem that way as well. Meanwhile, Benedick disguises himself so he was able to dance with Beatrice. Don Pedro’s group again decides to meddle with love; they plan to talk around Benedick and Beatrice making them realize that they are involved with unrequited love.At the wedding, Claudio publicly denounces Hero, and her father states that she should be dead.The friar at the wedding believes that Hero is innocent, and creates a plan to fake her death in order to get the real story.Beatrice and Benedick confess to each other, and Beatrice tells Benedick to kill Claudio because he caused Hero’s death.He denies at first, only to challenge Claudio to a duel along with Leonato and Antonio (Leonato’s brother).Before the duel, a local Night watch captures Don John’s men and gets a confession out of them how Hero was innocent.Claudio, believing that Hero is dead, says that he will marry Antonio’s daughter to carry on the family’s name.At the next wedding, Claudio’s bride is revealed to be Hero, and Benedick and Beatrice confess their love publicly. Leonato:Governor of Messina, father of Hero, uncle of BeatriceDon Pedro:A peaceful prince from Aragon returning from a warBeatrice:Niece of Leonato, love interest of Benedick, cousin of Hero; Extremely witty, but vulnerable to loveBenedick:A witty “suitor” of sorts to Beatrice, ends up as her loverHero:Daughter of Leonato, lover of Claudio; she’s gentle and loving, yet resilientClaudio:A youthful and gullible companion of Don Pedro; lover of HeroDon John:Don Pedro’s illegitimate brother; central antagonist