World’s realized that social media is not social at


World’s one of the most
prominent and well-known scientist Albert Einstein said that “I fear the day
that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a
generation of idiots.” His statement becomes true day by day. The world’s
become more technology dependent and the human becomes more idiots. Technology
has changed every sectors lifestyle in our life. Our communication pattern has
been changed a lot because of the changing of technology. In the past days most
of the times we are communicate with our friends, family members, colleagues by
face to face interaction. Sometimes communicate via telephone calls or letters.
Now days we communicate with our friends, family members, colleagues even
complete strangers via Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, viber, messenger and so on.
Today’s many of us realized that social media is not social at all.


People are missing out
on real life. They are giving much time on virtual life than the physical life.
Most of their free time or leisure time they are spending on social media.
Messaging, calling over the WhatsApp/viber/messenger, video calling etc. are
randomly done by the peoples. Peoples are using social media for being social
but they are not social at all. They are becomes socially detached from their
friends, family members, relatives most of the time, because they are not doing
physical communication. They become less social in real life. They are
searching or browsing various websites, playing online games, watching videos
etc. They often using modern communication gadgets.

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Sometimes social media
leads us to ignore people around us. Say for examples, you and your friends
sitting abreast but you guys are not talking to each other. You are trying to
talk with your friend but your friend is ignoring you. He/she is busy with
his/her smartphone. Probably he/she is chatting with a complete stranger or
uploading photos, videos or updating status. He/she is not giving you
importance, coz your friend is busy with social networking. But your friend is
forgetting to being social in real life.


Face to face interaction
is reduce because of the social media. People are trying to save their time by
using modern communication gadgets. They don’t understand the meaning or
effectivity of face to face interaction. People’s can save their times by using
modern gadgets but there is a huge chance to communication gap and chances to
misunderstand. No one can understand the emotion by chatting with you. They become
socially isolated. Day by day its creates distance among the family members,
friends and colleagues. Many times peoples become mentally sick and getting
into depression.


Peoples waste their huge
time on social media for being social but sometimes it’s just waste of time. I
would like to give you an examples of social media freakiness. Normally we know
that a drug addicted guy went to rehabilitation center but one of my best
friend went to rehabilitation center because of social media freakiness. His
name is Ashik. He was used to browsing internet most of the time of a day. He
usually chatting with his Facebook friends and also he was a admin of some
social media groups. He posting various funny content, something it was
informative. He spends almost 15-16 hours of a day on internet. His parents
became worried about it. They called the rehabilitation center and then the
rehabilitation center’s guys took him to rehabilitation center. Over use of
internet has a bad effect on our health as well as our brain.



Social media is useful
for our fast communication with our friends, faculty, family members, relative
and colleagues but it is not the only way to communicate. There has to be very
much importance of face to face communication, real life attachment, having fun
on physical life. We should give much emphasis on real life than the virtual