work conditions for virtually no payment, or rights. The

work from 6 in the morning until 7 at night for less than 20 cents a day”   (The World Counts, 2018) . Child labourers work relentlessly to provide for their poverty-stricken families and have to perform a wide range of tasks and activities even after being of young age. Employers take advantage of this desperation by forcefully recruiting children to work long hours in hazardous conditions for virtually no payment, or rights.  The work done itself is tedious and incessant. Furthermore, these children can work under threats of violence and intimidation, or be subjects to sexual exploitation as well   (UNICEF, 2018) . Under deplorable circumstances, child labourers are especially vulnerable, and can easily become victims of exploitation, violence, and neglect without any formal jurisdiction to protect their wellbeing. It’s impractical to reach full potential without basic necessities. Unfathomably, some individuals deem it acceptable to coerce these youth into performing sexual and illicit activities.  “In many cases, families and employers often hide what they are doing because they worry they will be taken to court or sent to prison for having child labourers.”   (Theirworld, 2018) . Child labour has many faces. When exposed to the term, market work generally comes to mind: we envision poor children labouring in mines or confined in factories. Yet, only a minority of child labourers are engaged in market work. Many children in developing countries are neither enrolled in school nor engaged in paid employment. Although they’re not gainfully employed, many labourers tend to work in more hidden forms of child labour. Is could be conducted by some industrialists and businessmen who want efficient work at low minimum costs. This is done discreetly, to shield the names of worldwide recognized and seemingly reliable brands. Child labour is an exploitative act performed by many industries right under our noses— for their own industrial benefits. This induces economic exploitation and deprives children of their rights and from attending to fundamental educatiOn