Within health and social care there are various methods

health and social care there are various methods in which health care
professionals use in order to prevent problematic issues like discrimination.
One of these methods is the use of an advocate. An advocate is the role in
which an individual publicly supports clients and puts a case on someone else’s
behalf (Google.co.uk. (2017),
what is an advocate). It is when another person is assigned to speak on
someone else’s behalf. Advocates are mostly used when service users who have
issues with communication and need support when independently arguing their own
decisions about their care e.g. an individual who has a certain type of
disability that inhibits their skills to speak and express their thoughts and
feelings. The advocate assigned to the client is most beneficial when they are
no relation or a close friend of the individual. Especially if the individual
is young or suffers from some form of a disability. This is because their
parents may influence their child with their own views and advocate their views
the behalf of their children instead allowing their child to impose their
desired views. They are also highly likely to do what they think is the best
decision instead of what is needed. An advocate who imposes the service users
views instead of their own will empower the client and make them feel more
independent as they are able to control some aspects of their life. Someone who
is an advocate would need to be kind, caring, and compassionate and show
competency as well as understanding the concept of confidentiality. This will
affect the client’s opinion of their advocate in a positive way as they will
know they are trustworthy and will know that they can disclose information to
them. Competency is a quality skill needed because if this is not shown then
the advocate may not conduct their client’s points efficiently. Advocates may
also need to acquire good translating skills. This will come into use as they
will speak on an individual’s behalf if they do not speak the native language,
in order to ensure that their needs, wants and desires are communicated
thoroughly. However, there are complications associated with this skill as
misinterpreting can be an influencing factor.


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