With so on which provided me a strong footing

With this letter, I would like to express my
interest in studying in MSc (Integrated Circuit Design)at the
TechnischeUniversitatMunchen, Asia. I am currently studying in B.Eng.
(Electrical & Electronic) at INTI International College with collaboration
with University of Bradford program which is going to finish in July 2016.

The undergraduate curriculum in my current school,
introduced me to a wide variety of engineering subjects. Various courses like
RF and Microwave Circuit Design, Advanced Embedded System, Digital Design with
HDL, Power Devicesand Application, Mobile Satellite Communication, Signals and
Systems and so on which provided me a strong footing in the theoretical concept
of Electrical and Electronic circuit design. In addition to theoretical
knowledge I have done many projects. For instance, in the course Embedded
System, besides learning the basic concept of managing RTOS (Real-Time
Operating System) I have designed an Air-Traffic Controller using ARM
processor. Similarly, in the course RF & Microwave Design, I have Designed
a 1.6GHz Low Noise Amplifier using ADS by Agilent and in Digital Design using
HDL course, I have designed an implementation of TEA (Tiny Encryption
Algorithm) using VHDL programming language. Other than that, I also designed
Automatic Collision Avoidance System for Automobiles in Sensor and Actuators
course, H-bridge Motor Driver using MOSFET for DC Motor in Power Electronics
course and a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner in Embedded System course.

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Furthermore, as a part of my undergraduate studies,
I have done a 4 months training program at USAINS Infotech Sdn. Bhd., where I
worked in R&D department. During this period, I have designed a RFID based
Current Monitoring System (software), Low Power Wireless Temperature monitoring
system (hardware) and Industry Standard multilayer PCB design using ALTIUM
Design and Cadence PCB Design software. One of my main job description during
my internship was testing and troubleshooting and proposing solution. I have
spent long hours in collecting results in the lab, analyzing them and
recollecting them. I have used software like PSpice,LTSpice, Multisim, Quartus
15.0 and so on for simulation and verification. Since my company works also in
IC design, I had access to a lot of reading materials on UVM methodologies,
transaction-based modelling, functional prototyping and assertions-based
design. My supervisor has inspired me a lot. I want to explore Integrated
Circuit Design after my graduation. Since my major is in embedded system I
would like to work on building an embedded system based protocol either
communication or network based.

My interest to study IC Design is buoyed by two
reasons – Firstly, to gain expertise particularly Nano Electronics and SoC Design.
Secondly, to provide training and design services in Bangladesh which is a fast
growing developing country and offering great opportunities for electronic
engineers especially in IC Design industry. By getting a MSc in IC Design, I
hope to become an accomplished IC Design frontend or backend engineer and able
to solve real-life Computer Aided Design problems and deliver high-performance
or low power solutions.

In my opinion, German education system is the best
in the world, specially in terms of electrical and electronic engineering. I am
much eager to adopt and know new technologies. I am also really enthusiastic to
attend a Master of IC Design in order to understand different analog, RF and
digital IC Design concepts because after my internship, I realized every sector
in the electronic industry somehow associated with IC Design weather it’s
analog, communication, digital or optoelectronics. Good reputation of high
quality education standards, extremely distinguished research facilities of
both NTU and TUM are the factors which have motivated me to choose for my M.Sc.
at your university. In addition to that, the IC Design program course structure
matches my areas of interest. I am positive that the knowledge I have acquired
during my undergraduate studies coupled with the internship experience would
help me do my best in excelling at your masters’ program and bring credit to
this esteemed university. I will be happy to provide any further information or
documents if required. I hope that you will consider my application.

Thank you for your time and considering my
application. I look forward to your positive response.