With fourteen taste sorts are manufactured. The beverages are

With a combination of melodic tunes and a barrage of memories designed to tug at one’s heartstrings, there wasn’t much that could go wrong with Hector Beverages’ Paper Boat. It evoked waves of nostalgia and included simplicity in its storytelling approach as part of its remarkable marketing strategy. The campaign was created with a view of targeting urban India, particularly aged between twenty and forty: a large part of the demographic that grew up in the 1990s in India. This target, based upon demographic factors, was created with the intention of reaching out to people who had left their native homes to other parts of the country in pursuit of work. Using poetry instead of lyrical music, the story unfolds through both, visuals and audio. The return to an innocent and happy time is reminiscent of “the good old days”. This was re-created through the combination of animation that reminds one of simpler times, and music that has an old world charm.Paper Boat is a brand of non-carbonated beverages and energy drinks that are manufactured and sold by Hector Beverages which is located in Bangalore. The commodity is a recreation of traditional and authentic indigenous drinks that are sold in a single serving, flexible sack. As of May 2017, fourteen taste sorts are manufactured. The beverages are manufactured by using local spices, fruit, flowers, and pulses, and some of the fruits grow wild, such as ‘jamun’ and ‘kokum’. Hector Beverages has contracted with fruit processors and has motivated some farmers “to cultivate the fruits to ensure a stable supply”. Hector is trying to bring online retail into a business so that it will help in increasing their sales. Hector Beverage grows the consumer base for Paper Boat by selling its product on airlines and five-star hotels. They collaborated with the Indigo Airlines recently to vend Paper Boat products on board. Paper Boat is popular for creating a pleasant experience with its unique mixture of ‘Drinks and Memories’. Its social media approach includes its presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, as their major platforms for sharing stories and interacting with customers. Paper Boat created the Facebook and Twitter page in a way that adheres to its brand philosophy, “Life still is Beautiful”. In the process, the dialogue oozes nostalgia, memories, and elements from one’s childhood, which is very close to the heart. Every activity from flying kites to catching auto rickshaws, from trying to reach for a jar full of treats atop a high cupboard, ensured that Paper Boat became a point of conversation. Indirectly, Paper Boat let the brand sail on the waters of nostalgia and sweet reminiscence.Paper Boat has shown promising growth over the years. The association of its products to “childhood memories and nostalgia” has worked superbly for the company so far.However, there is a new player in the market and it is threatening to eat away at the profits of Paper Boat. Dabur India has come up with their own variant of the exotic Indian juices which is eerily similar to that of the already existing Paper Boat. Dabur had named this replica of Paper Boat as “Yoodley”Hajmola Yoodley was positioned as an extension of its popular digestive brand Hajmola. Apart from the name, the drink is almost a replica of Paper Boat right down from the packaging to the pricing and is in direct and fierce competition with Paper Boat.Despite a lot of deliberation, Paperboat is unable tocome up with a suitable strategy to wade off the attack posed by Dabur. Legal action is out of the question because this is a free market and any player could do what it pleases.As the Marketing head of Paperboat, you are required to perform the following tasks:Considering the fact that Paperboat’s distinguishing factor was it’s innovative story-telling marketing approach, which has been imitated by Yoodley, design a new marketing strategy that will influence the target market.Come up with new ideas and concepts for emoticons that can be used by Paperboat for their online marketing campaigns.Prepare a strategy for how a situation like this shouldn’t arise in the future.-Aastha Talwar