With enabling interaction between intelligent machines is a cutting-edge

With the rapid development of science and technology, the world
is becoming “smart”. Living in such a smart world, people will be
automatically and collaboratively served by the smart devices (e.g., watches,
mobile phones, computers), smart transportation (e.g., cars, buses, trains),
smart environments (e.g., homes, offices, factories), etc. For example, a
global positioning system (GPS) can help find a person the best possible route
while its route information being uploaded on a server. The audio sensors can
detect the voice abnormalities by comparing it with patterns stored in the
server to detect any illness. Almost every aspect of a person life (social,
physical) are interconnected and smart. Smart world is receiving numerous attention
from academia, industry, government, etc.


With the continuous advancements in technology a potential
innovation, IoT is coming down the road which is burgeoning as a ubiquitous
global computing network where everyone and everything will be connected to the
Internet . IoT is continually evolving and is a hot research topic where
opportunities are infinite.

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Imaginations are boundless which have put it on the verge of
reshaping the current form of internet into a modified and integrated version.
The number of devices availing internet services is increasing every day and
having all of them connected by wire or wireless will put a powerful source of
information at our finger tips.

The concept of enabling interaction between intelligent
machines is a cutting-edge technology but the technologies composing the IoT are
not something new for us.

The term Internet of Things refers to this internet-based
architecture which facilitates the exchange of services, information and data
between billions of objects, mostly smart. It was first introduced by Kevin
Ashton in 1998 and has obtained a lot of attention in the industry and academia. In some texts, it is addressed as the Internet of Everything (IoE) to
emphasize the ubiquitous usage of the internet-enabled objects. IoT provides
the connection between all these objects to facilitate and make people’s lives
more comfortable and efficient in all situations.