Wisesteps which ensures that everyone has agreed with all

Wisesteps (2016) explore the advantages of practitioners working within
a team in a childcare setting. It is vital that practitioners work with a team
because they can share roles and responsibilities. Each team member can look at
different aspects of the main target induvial because everyone has different
skills, experiences and qualities.  Each individual
team member work on smaller tasks instead of one big aspect of the task which
would get the targets met quicker. It is important that team members
concentrate on their own tasks, give updates to others by sharing their
progress but when they have been completed they can assist others.  Another advantage of childcare practitioners
working within a team with others that each induvial will gain new learning
experiences and develop a better outlook. Wisesteps (2016) believes that for a
team to succeed, it is important for each individual to communicate effectively
and always refers to the whole team which ensures that everyone has agreed with
all decisions. This would build relationships and strong partnership with one
another that is involved within the team.



Hearst Newspapers (2017) argues some of the disadvantages
to working within a team. Conflict may arise when a team is brought
together to achieve certain targets. Individual members might find it difficult
to accept other ideas or views that are different to theirs.

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Practitioners need to use
communication effectively with each team member when conflict arises when
working within a team. It is vital that each individual is listened to and
their views are valued and respected to help resolve the issue in a calmly
manner. Practitioners should reflect on how they dealt with the situation, how
well communication was used and what could be done in the future. To resolve
conflict, each team member should use interpersonal skills effectively and
ensure they consider that everyone has their own ideas, opinions and

There can be barriers that
prevents partnership and agencies working effectively. According to Walker
(2008) there might be times where agencies and professionals are unclear on
each other’s roles could lead to a lot of reparation of the information or
advice that was already given from others.
Teams that give advice or information may cause
conflict with one another. To overcome this barrier, multi-disciplinary teams must communicate effectively
between one another which would help to avoid reparation, conflict and each
induvial will have a clear understanding on their own and over roles. Maybe it
would be a good idea for different multi-disciplinary teams to introduce
themselves to each other and explain some of their roles, responsibilities and
purpose to ensure that everyone has a clear understanding.

(2008) suggests that communication is another common barrier to partnership
working because different professional and teams uses their own terminology
when communicating with others which is from the training they received and
their own views. Communication has

in a numerous of child protection review cases for example, poor communication was
a concern when Victoria Climbie case was reflected on in the inquiry, Laming
(2003) claimed that further strategies should be put in place in order for
communication to be clear. In Laming report, he mentioned that combining recent
direction into a document that is simple which supports familiar language. To
help agencies recognise concerns, why, what professional should take action and
the outcomes from that response should be established by using familiar
language that is used throughout the different agencies. When communicating
with others, practitioners and agencies should not use any vocabulary that not
everyone will understand. As childcare practitioners it is vital that they do
not use jargon when communicating with parents because it may confuse them or
misinterpret the message.

In recent years there have been safeguarding issues
within the United where agencies and professionals did not work together effectively
or communicate with another in the result in these children have lost their
lives. MA Education (2017) investigates the case of Victoria Climbie back in
2010. Victoria was badly abused by her grant aunt which involved her partner
and died from several injuries around her body. Multiply agencies were involved
within the Case. According to the BBC (2003) names some of the agencies that
were involved which were healthcare practitioners, social workers and the child
protection teams. BBC (2013) states that had twelve opportunities to interne more
in her life and allegations were made of racism because of Victoria’s colour of
skin. The agencies and services had a duty of care for Victoria, but they
failed in this situation.

Victoria may still be alive today if the different
agencies worked in partnership and used interpersonal skills effectively likes
communication. between each other. The agencies that were involved failed to
share information with one another in order to safeguard Victoria from further
harm and abuse. After this safeguarding case Every Child Matters was introduced.
Department for Children, Schools and Families (2010) states that ‘in 2003, the
Government published a Green Paper called Every Child Matters alongside the
formal response to the report into the death of Victoria Climbie.’ Every Child
Matters sets out children’s rights that protects their well-being. 

Department for Education
(2011) explains that the Green Paper document “identifies
the broad concerns which have been shown to matter most to children and young
people, presenting plans to develop the roles of the voluntary and community sectors,
schools and health bodies in fulfilling these needs

To conclude the writer has discovered that it is
important for childcare practitioners to reflect on their own practice because
it would help them develop their own professional development within their work
environment.  This assignment recognised
some of the reflective models that practitioners could use to reflect on their
own practice which included the Gibbs
(1988), Greenaway (1995) and
Rolfe (2001) reflective cycles.

This assignment explained the reasons of childcare
practitioners to use interpersonal skills which as mentioned early on it helps
to build positive relationships, build children’s language skills and to work
in a team with others in a childcare workplace. In order for childcare
practitioners to use interpersonal skills effectively they must be able to
recognise potential barriers that might arise and to overcome them.

This assignment exploded the roles and responsibilities that multi-disciplinary teams have,
factors that affect their performance and when working in partnership with others.
Has already explained, some of the roles and responsibilities include using
effective communication, contributing a fair amount also most importantly
ensure each individual team is kept informed about the process or any changes
that have been made. During this essay the writer has found out that it is
essential for practitioners to work with different agencies and services in a
childcare setting because it helps them to ensure children’s individual needs
are met and they are given the opportunity to develop to their full
potential.  The writer discovered the
advantages and disadvantage of working within a
team in a childcare work environment. One of the advantages that was mentioned
was that practitioners can share their roles and responsibilities with others
and conflict might arise was pointed out to be a disadvantage within team
working. As the writer states early on that each team member should ensure they
use communicate effectively to be able to deal with any conflict that
arises.  Also, this assignment discovered
the barriers that may prevent agencies and professionals from working together effectively which could
involve not understanding each other’s roles and responsibilities and
communication when working within a team. The writer investigated were
multi-agency teams did not work effectively like they should have and
discovered many safeguarding cases where children lost their lives due to teams
not communicating and working together effectively.

Overall this assignment has shown how it is important
for childcare practitioners to use interpersonal skills effectively and to be
able to work in partnership with different agencies, services, caregivers and
colleagues within a childcare workplace.