William catch is when you catch the ball with


William Webb Ellis thought of the idea
of rugby during a game of football, and then started to run with the ball,
instead of passing the ball to his teammate.

Rugby is important because it can
improve your overall physical fitness, it could help you build relationships
with your teammates, and learn important lessons in life such as teamwork,
communication, and cooperation.

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This report on rugby will show the
origins, strategies, and the basics techniques of rugby.

Rugby began in 1823
by William Webb Ellis in England.  He was
a student at Rugby School and that is how rugby got its name.

It evolved when the
origins of rugby steered away form the origins of football. Rugby became more
of contact sport and with more physical interaction.

Rugby is played all
around the world, and is mostly played in England, Argentina, and Australia.

Globally rugby is
having the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series in order to qualify for the Rugby
World Cup in 2019.

Regionally rugby is broken down as follows:

North America- USA

Asia – Asian Rugby Football Union

Europe – Rugby Europe

Africa- African
Rugby Union

Locally there is a 
Guam Rugby Football Union

The objective of the
game of rugby is to get the ball to the other side of the field where you pass
the opponents goal line and try to score as many points as possible.

In rugby you will
need fifteen (15) players on one team and thirty (30) players to play a
game.  Carry the ball to the opponent’s
goal line.

In rugby you will
need fifteen (15) players on one team and thirty (30) players to play a game.  You score points by carrying or kicking the
ball to the other team’s goal line.  You
can carry the ball to the opponent’s goal line. 
You can’t carry the ball your team’s goal line.

Court/Field layout (appendix)

There are some basic techniques of
rugby such as:

Backwards pass is
where you must turn to your right, left, or back to toss the ball to your

Two-hand catch is when you catch the
ball with two hands.

One-hand catch is when you catch the
ball with one hand.

  Pass/catch while moving is when someone is
running and keeps running until the person in front of them passes the ball
back to them because they cannot throw it forward.

The Basic
tactics are:


Down the Middle –the player with the ball runs down the
middle of the field to the goal line.

The Blind Side-the smaller side in which it is blind to
the majority of the defenders who are on the open sides and there is more space
to cover. 

The Open Side is opposite of blind side where there is
more space.  It gives the attacking team
more space to play the fiend.


Scrum restarts a rugby game after a minor infringement
occurs such as “knock on”, “forward pass”, and “accidentally offside”

Support play in rugby is when you help the ball carrier
help to advance the position of the ball and you know what to do in open play
and make good decisions.

The National
and International Competitions are:  Global – Rugby League International
Federation, National – United States National Rugby Union and Regional – Guam
Rugby Football Union

Rugby is important because it helps players
strategize, cooperate, and communicate in order to come up with new plays to
score points.  This takes teamwork and
communication.  Each player must do their
part in order to make the right decisions quickly and effectively.  At the same time, it helps the player get
physically fit and also get some exercise. 
It takes a team to win a game.