Why in having better graphics for games, better hardware,

Why PlayStation have
become the best game console

Since the millennials are a generation based on
creating and innovating technology, it is time to stablish which has been the
best game console of their era, and since Millennials, started in the early
1980’s, the comparison should be between the two game consoles that has being
different from the rest, the PlayStation of Sony, and the Xbox of Microsoft. The
two brands that had made the most significant game console war in history
started in 1995 with the release of the PlayStation of Sony. But, as the
PlayStation concept was realistic, and only game console at the moment, it lead
Microsoft to land their first console, which was named Xbox. As there is no
doubt, that the PlayStation has always being better than the Xbox, this debate
is a long way from finishing as both game consoles have arguments in regards to
the games’ quality, the online platform, and the additional features that
create this rivalry and that stand make the side by side at the top of the

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 Sony, with a
huge successful of their console, the PlayStation, release in 2000 the new
generation, the PlayStation 2. The PlayStation 2, was a success until Microsoft
released the new console, the Xbox. With the release of the Xbox, Microsoft
tried to do the features that PlayStation could not do. They concentrate their
console in having better graphics for games, better hardware, and as they were
known and trusted for their PC market, with a better software. As Microsoft saw
that gamers still preferred the PlayStation 2 and not the Xbox, they started to
concentrate in a new feature call Xbox Live, which was an online platform were
players could play together from different places they just need an internet
connection. But, this was not the only feature that Microsoft was looking for
lead the competition over PlayStation at the time. As one of others features,
Microsoft add an internal hard drive that made that users do not required to
buy externals memory cards as the PlayStation users. Later, with only 5 years
of difference, Microsoft release their new console, the Xbox 360. This new
console, made a huge impact and caused that many of PlayStation fans moved to
Microsoft because Sony was not going to release a new console until the next
year and most of them did not want to wait. But, for Xbox owners, the releases
did not cause much attraction as much of them considered that the release was
made early, and this caused them to lose much of their fans next year when Sony
released their new console. From that moment till this days, Sony have
concentrated on making a better online platform, and making all their consoles
compatibles. “The PlayStation4 system was designed from the ground
up to ensure that game creators can unleash their imaginations to develop the
very best games and deliver new play experiences never before possible.” (“PS4

As Microsoft console, Xbox, have the top exclusive
game, Halo, at the moment have 5 sagas, making it the top seller game of all game
consoles of all times, come a discussion that much of this sold, should not be
count as the game came with the Xbox 360 when it was bought at the store. From the
PlayStation side, the top exclusive game is Uncharted, which have 4 Sagas, what
makes it the PlayStation top seller. But, the games debate is in a much deeper
point as PlayStation fans argue that they have many more options in all types
of games, from violent to sports games, at what Xbox fans just answer with it
is not quantity it is quality. But, this argument is wrong, because, in the
case of the new consoles, that represent the ultimate generation of both
companies, the Xbox One, is compatible with 4K resolution, but the PlayStation
4 also have a 4K resolution and it have a better capacity of stabling de game. According
to Todd Kenreck, “The real PlayStation 4 is about the guts, and can be
seen in the complex beauty of games such as ‘Killzone: Shadow Fall.’ It can be
seen in the dedication to unprecedented sharing tools for gamers and stunning
graphics engines being produced by people like Quantic Dream’s David
Cage.” This argument assures that the PlayStation it is winning the game battle.

It is incredible to watch how both game consoles
create or innovate all of their features every time they release a new
generation. The way they have change the controllers, from being need to
connect them directly from the console as how it is now, both consoles have
wireless consoles with the differences that the Xbox One requires two batteries
AA and the PlayStation 4 is charge by the PlayStation. On the other side, both
have stay with the same concept of the control, PlayStation have not change the
size and dimensions, but Xbox has made it smaller so it is easy to handle it
and use all buttons at the same time without difficulties. The other great
feature that they have evolution it is the storage capacity, from needing to
use an external storage, now they come with internal hard storage, which it is
compose of 500GB. And the best of all features, the one that have both of the
consoles in the top, their online platform. The PlayStation Plus and the Xbox
Live, online platforms that made players interact in first parties using an IP
address, in other words, just with an internet connection. It is important, to
explain that Microsoft have added a new section to their online platform which
is Xbox Live Gold, what this means it is that from the release of Xbox One, to
play online in Xbox, you need a Gold membership and this is not free, it cost
$60 annually. From the side of PlayStation, PlayStation Plus it is free on
PlayStation3, it just need it to pay when you want to play online on the
PlayStation 4. The addition feature that the PlayStation Plus have on
PlayStation 4 are that they get automatic downloads of new versions of games,
early access to new games or extended games trails. Another features that both
platform added with their new generation is that each month, they give to their
subscribers two games free for each console that they have. For example; a
gamer that have the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, receive two free games for
the PlayStation 3 and others two for the PlayStation 4. The same example works
for the Xbox with the difference that the games that the Xbox 360 received, can
be play in the Xbox One because they are compatible. This is the feature were
both companies are trying to keep developing because the future will be based
on virtual interaction, and game consoles seems to be a long distance from
getting to an end.

Without question, both companies, Sony and Microsoft,
have being doing an incredible job with their consoles. It have being a journey
that even them are surprised with the result and the feedback that both have
received from the gamers, but it is reasonable to say that Sony with the
PlayStation have being better since the beginning, the only thing that Xbox
have being in the fight it is the online platform and it have a good reason,
Microsoft, is the most successful company of PC, what makes easy for them to
create a platform that have some characteristics that are used in the
manufacture of a computer. Both have approach with amazing features and
creating a lot of emotions from the gamers, it is time to start thinking what
will be next, something that will for sure made this rivalry a bigger one.