Why greater, well informed people. Reading literature as a

Why Should Christians Read Literature?    As Christians, it is common that we read the Bible to be informed about God and our faith in Him. However, I believe that we could obtain a greater amount of information simply by reading other literature works. Even as believers in Christ, literature has the power to take a look into the outside world, in comparison to Christianity, it develops our imaginations, and overall expands us into greater, well informed people. Reading literature as a Christian allows us to look at the world and what is has to offer in many different ways. I grew up in a Christian home, where reading the Bible on a Sunday was a regular occurance. On the other hand, I also grew up having a very particular love for other literature. I enjoyed reading all different kinds of stories, fiction or not, made up of different characters and plot lines. I had always looked at my Bible and the stories I read in school as two separate aspects, however, now that I look back on it, I can see how much one can relate to the other in a sense of the world itself. Literature can contain information about our world, such as people and they way they act, or even a life lesson to be learned. I believe that God would want us to be informed of these things in order to be better in touch with the world around us. Specific works of literature can contain words from people with personal life experiences, or even made up stories of people with real world problems. Whatever it is, these works let us look at the outside world, allowing us to apply it to our own lives, and the experiences we’ve had, even leading to imagining ourselves in these works.     Literature, whether you are a Christian or not, has the ability to develop your imagination into something greater than it already is. Depending on what you’re reading, it is likely that you will begin to connect with the characters in the story, and even try to imagine yourself if you were in their situation. Even with the Bible in years past, I can remember imagining myself if I were in the same situation that Jonah was in while he was in the whale, or Noah in the Ark while the world flooded around him. Even past these passages in the Bible, I found myself doing the same thing with other pieces of literature. I would imagine myself in the main character’s position, wondering what I would do differently, or how I would take on the situation on my own. Imagining these things enabled me to think about my own life with my own situations, and how I would end up handling them. I believe that God wants us to be prepared in any situation He gives us, and literature helps us with that task by letting our imaginations run free, as if we were in the story ourselves.     I believe that God created this world for us to explore it, to discover new things, and learn life lessons from our own mistakes, and from the mistakes of the people around us. God wants us to have a fulfilling life, to be able to enjoy as much of it as we can. Reading literature is one of the many ways that we are able to accomplish something like this. Not only can we gain information about life itself, but we can also gain the knowledge of how to live it. Being a Christian in my opinion, just like anyone else, it is up to us to discover the world on our own, with some guidance from God, and reading literature is one of the many possibilities that can help us with this task.