Why and one can see the quantitative business impact

Micheal Page?

1.       Job profile-
The offered profile is not only an extension of my present work but takes it
one step ahead. Since the role of a recruitment consultant with Micheal Page
combines everything including business development, customer service,
generating revenue by successfully engaging with clients, candidates and
colleagues it gives a more holistic view and one can see the
quantitative business impact of his/her work. The role will offer me an opportunity to
create an overall business impact which is visible but at the same time I would
also have a chance to manage my own small unit within the organization.

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2.       Diversity-
The client base is huge and hence I will get an exposure to work and network with
the top notch people across industries and hierarchies. Also, this would be a
great opportunity to learn from my colleagues. The diversity of smart and
ambitious people coming from various backgrounds will help me to pick up
different business traits.


3.       Cultural Fit-
While hiring for my team I look for candidates who are good cultural fit and
make sure their ideas are in line with the inherent values of the organization,
in order to ensure longevity. The same applied when I started to look out for a
job. This role offers high ownership and high
accountability in a fast paced, performance- oriented environment. I enjoy
networking with people. The average age group at PageGroup is 27-32 years. The
environment is extremely young and buzzy which suits my extrovert personality
and will ensure both growth and recognition. Every day would be new and
exciting. I believe Micheal Page is the best place to be if one wants to have a
sense of achievement at a young age.


4.       Transparent and meritocratic environment- There is a clear
and transparent career path laid out for every one working at Micheal Page.
Majority of the promotions are from within and purely based on merit. Most of
the Executive Board members including the CEO, have started their jobs as
consultants. This would ensure an unhindered growth for my career. 


5.       PageGroup has been honored
with a Glassdoor Employees ‘Choice Award, recognizing the Best Places to
Work in 2017. The Employees’ Choice Awards program, now in its ninth year, via







value will you be able to add?

My current work experience involves networking with various
industry stakeholders across hierarchies.  My work entails sourcing for talent and
interviewing industry leaders. This has given me an exposure to stakeholder
management at various levels, client engagement and I have developed a business
acumen. I would be able to apply this experience for my next role with


Negotiation is one of the most crucial KRA for a recruiter.  Since my present work involves doing this day
in and out, this skill will come handy and would help me in the next role with
PageGroup. My past experience will ensure smooth interactions and profitable


Similar working environment- Considering
my recruitment experience, I have developed skills like ability to work under
high stress conditions, adhering to timelines, adaptability,  stakeholder management. Hence, the
transaction to the new role will be very smooth and I will be able to quickly adapt
to the fast paced environment at PageGroup.



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