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Who is responsible when children break the law? Why children commit criminal actions? Those are question quite difficult to answer. Some people think that parents should not take the responsibility and do not assume the consequences of criminal offenses and misbehavior of young age kids. Moreover, most people said if parents are judged because of it, the kids would never learn that their actions have consequences. Nevertheless, there are certain arguments in favor this controversial issue. Parents should take responsibility for their children’ behavior because two reasons. On one hand, the misbehavior depends on the environment where the children rise. On the other hand, it depends on the education given to the child.

To begin with, children’s environment is essential in their behavior. When children grow up in a family marked by domestic violence, what better behavior can be expected from those children? It seems to be normal that parents talk with their 5-6-year-old child using abusive language. According to Martha Elena Ardila, a child psychologist, abusive and hurtful words that parents use affect all the areas of children’s lives. It affects their emotional, cognitive and social development. Several studies on criminals’ childhood have established links between verbal abuse and the individual’s criminal history. That is why, parents may be responsible for the behavior of their youngest children. One example of this issue is bullying, if a kid bullies another one, it is because of the domestic violence and his social development. Without a doubt, parents have a duty to do their part to ensure that their kids will not follow abusive patterns.

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Furthermore, children’s wrongdoing depends on the education given by their parents. At a young age, a child is influenced by the surrounding, hence they tend to follow it. By not correcting them when they are too young children starts throwing outbursts from a very early age. Some parents surrender to teach and every whims of their children and see nothing wrong in it. They overlook the misbehavior that the child indulges in to get whatever they want. Thus, the seeds of misbehavior are sown and over a period, it grows and grows. Many parents recognize that providing best of education to their children, and putting them in a good and expensive school, their job is done, in other words, everything will be taken care of at school. If values are not inculcated in the child from an early age will not develop later on.

All things considered, although many people’s opinion is that parents are not responsible for children’s crimes, I believe that they should, because parents are the ones who teach and build those kids to face the world. In my opinion, education is the key to avoid those crimes. Parents should always be ensured about what their children are doing. Certainly, it depends on the age of the child. If an infant gets hold of a gun and accidentally kills another kid. The parents should be punished for not keeping their guns locked with children in the house. Be a responsible gun owner.