While failed to find a balance between school and

While doing
extensive research into a number of possible study areas, my interest was soon
captured by courses that focus on business. The more I have learned, the more I
have become determined to pursue a degree in it. In particular, I am keen to
find out more about the inner workings of an enterprise and how it can best be
managed. My curiosity has been piqued by the way economics ties in so
seamlessly with all aspects of our daily lives, and by gaining insight into the
world of business, I aim to implement my knowledge to make my own contributions
to this field.

My academic
records show that my hard work has allowed me to excel during all my years of
schooling, and gain a broad, well-rounded education. I believe that choosing the
two subjects, Geography and Economics, and Psychology, alongside Mathematics,
German and English in my matriculation examination will greatly aid me in my
endeavors. In Geography and Economics, the main focus during the last four
years of school is on economics and how it affects the ways that businesses are
run. This subject not only relates to the current climate of the business world
on a global scale, but also requires me to think about how it can be improved.
Psychology is another subject that I consider to be of great relevance because
it has taught me about communication, decision-making and the behavior of
people and crowds. My pre-academic paper entitled “The Significance and Use of
Nonverbal Communication and Body Language” links these concepts and examines
how they are relevant to fields like business. My great interest in Mathematics
has helped me to better understand how to analyze and interpret statistics, and
English and German have taught me how to present this information in an
organized and coherent manner.

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A challenging
degree is a perfect fit for me because I show dedication and passion and I am
committed to my work. Throughout my entire academic career, I have proven that
my studies are always given high priority, but I have never failed to find a
balance between school and various other activities that have helped my build
my character and acquire skills applicable to this subject. By planning events
in my community and school, for example, I learned the importance of organized management
and leadership.

Last year, I had
the opportunity to visit my family in Abuja, Nigeria for the first time as a
young adult, and this significantly changed my worldview. Experiencing a
country so different from western Europe has immensely heightened my awareness of
global issues. After spending time in this country that struggles incredibly
with corruption and embezzlement, I have been inspired to use my degree to work
towards improving the world we live in.

At school too, I
have learned to take responsibility and been able to further develop my
organizational skills as a class representative, member of the school ball
committee and volunteer for school events.

Working in the catering
industry allowed me to take a peek behind the curtains of the business world, and
I was able to apply knowledge I already had to compare business theories to
real-life situations. I was also able take on a managerial role when I was in
charge of instructing new staff members in my department. My job showed me the
importance of a healthy relationship between staff and management and I gained
invaluable work experience.

Being raised and
educated in multiple languages and living in a multicultural environment has
shown me how universal the English language is. This is why I wish to study at
a UK university. With my degree, I aspire to one day achieve my goal of running
my own company – one that offers a friendly and efficient work environment –
and to really make a great impact on the business world.