“Whether one-on-one classes to help patrons learn to use

face-to-face or virtual, libraries build learning communities that bring people
with mutual interests together to exchange information and learn about and solve
problems of common concern” (Kranich,Nacy)

are like a building full of opportunities. They offer a quiet place for being
creative, a place where you can find answers to almost any of your questions, a
place where you can find your train of thought, and a place where you can use
computers and print off whatever you need if you are not fortunate to do so at
home. Michael Crandall said “the study of library computer use found that for
22 percent of library computer users (ages 14 and older), the library was our
only source for access to computers and the Internet” 

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Librarians also offer one-on-one
classes to help patrons learn to use new technology devices. Every Library have
a wide range of classes. Samantha Becker said, “Libraries are definitely in the
middle of all this “digital” action…” Libraries have a lot of technology from
you to choose from.

Libraries have events to help all
ages with reading, general knowledge, or even volunteer work. This is great,
believe it or not studies shows that a lot of people struggle with reading even
at ages from (18-64). For example Illinois public library’s calendar of events
for the month of June, they held meetings for different types of groups and
clubs. Some other libraries move closer to the technology way to teach and have
events. For instance at Seattle’s Public Library, they offer live chats with
librarians 24 hours a day to answer any questions people may have.













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