Whether I attained courses that merged political science, history,


Whether through volunteering to teach
English as a second language to unprivileged children in Turkey, or travelling
across rural areas in Iraq to aid internally displaced people, International
affairs has had a pervasive presence throughout my life. This commitment and
dedication to international relations has shaped the way I perceive the world
and has grown as my exposure to the world has expanded. Together it coincides
with my goal of becoming a leader in international relations. I see a career in
International organizations as a perfect harmony of my interests, my experiences
utilized throughout, my hard work, and most dedication to improve the
conditions of the world. Thus, the next step will be to endeavor to achieve the
goal I’ve yearned for. To do so by attaining a graduate degree in International
Policy Studies from Stanford University       

 I have established the foundation for this program
and a prominent career with my undergraduate degree in International Relations.

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In my interdisciplinary undergraduate study, I attained courses that merged political
science, history, and economics into one unity. I evaluated international
policies, examined real world cases and their developments to understand their
impacts on international and domestic levels. To supplement these core teachings,
my internships gave me vital knowledge of the real world of international
relations, organizations, and policies.

I have continuously developed and adapted
these skills with my cornucopia of constructive experiences- Interning for a British
Council project in the UK, volunteering and working to teach English (ESL) to students
in Turkey, for the Foreign trade department, and Working at Bilkent Erbil
College in Iraq. My internship for the British Council provided a firsthand experience
of the gratification and complexities of the world of international
organizations. The project was ‘Rural and Women Entreprneurship’ in partnership
with the EU Youth in Action program and the Human Research and Ethics committee
(HREC). This project that aimed to empower women entrepreneurship by offering
opportunities to women living in rural areas. Initially this experience is what
enlightened my aspiration to improve the conditions of the world. My
responsibilities consisted of writing reports on case to case bases, visiting
rural areas for entrepreneurship development seminars, and liaising between the
British Council and HREC.

 Growing up in the United States, then attaining my
undergraduate degree overseas gave me a new level of international
mindedness.  During my studies in Bilkent University, the best ranked
university in Turkey and known worldwide, I analyzed complex theories, and fed
my intellectual curiosity. While pursuing my degree I worked in multiple jobs.

Even though Bilkent University is known for its vigorous curriculum and continuous
research, I was able to hold down a part time job as an English as a second
language teacher in local schools. With my part time work in multiple
educational institutions I was able to pay for my tuition, books,
transportation, and living costs. This experience gave me the fundamental
abilities of responsibility, multi-tasking, and time management while juggling
my studies in school. These attributes which are imperative for my future academic
success in graduate school and a future career in international organizations.

  But it wasn’t
until my first job in Bilkent Erbil College  in Iraq where I could actually use a pragmatic
approach to international relations. Iraq strengthened my cross-cultural experience
by. Working in Erbil, capital of the semi autonomous Kurdistan region. I was
able to  ….. After obtaining my
undergraduate degree in three and half years, Bilkent University offered me a
job in its own international campus in Northern Iraq. This was an opportunity
where I could improve my over all understanding international crisis in real
world situations. My duties and responsibilities consist of assistant researcher
in project co-working with the

All these experiences that have been utilized throughout
have developed my practical knowledge of in

This experience improved my ability to intregratalso
showed my ability to adapt to any environment and introduced me to the real
world of international relations



withi working as a research assistant

 me the essential  melting pot international
mindedness. Utilizing my