Where at his grandpa’s store, the two neighborhood bullies

    Where the Red Fern Grows is an amazing story on a young boy who learns the symbol of true love with his two hunting dogs, Little Ann and Old Dan. He goes through many challenges and fights with his dogs. He discovered the bond he had with his dogs and the bond that  grew with his family. He also went through new adventures and tough training with his two pups.         When Billy was at his grandpa’s store, the two neighborhood bullies walked in they started talking about a coon called “The Ghost Coon” because it always vanished when it was hunted.They bet on Billy 20 dollars he couldn’t catch that coon. So Billy accepted the bet and went out with the two boys and his two dogs. When Dan and Ann finally picked up a scent they followed them for a while before they lost the coons scent. It had vanished just like the boys said. ” Okay, you lost the bet. Where’s our money?” The boys insisted. But Billy did not give up. He soon realized the coon’s trick. It crossed over a tree branch and over the wire fence. He won the bet but the boys put up a fight. Rubin, the youngest boy, grabbed Billy’s hatchet and accidentally impaled himself in the stomach. That was one of Billy’s challenges and fights he had to go through because everyone on that field, the bullies, Billy, Dan, Ann and the bullies dog Old Blue were in danger and BIlly had to fight for his life. It was also a challenge because he had to figure out a hard trick that many coon hunters couldn’t.        Billy discovered the bond he had with his dogs and family when he entered the coon hunting competition. While a snowy storm hit while in the middle on the hunt Billy’s grandpa fell and fainted. After a while the family and the dogs realised he had gotten lost. So Billy stopped in the middle of a hunt and commanded his dogs to look for him when they found him Billy’s mother cried while his dad ran for help. His grandpa had twisted an ankle and Billy was thankful for his dog for if they weren’t there his grandpa most likely would have never been found and he would have froze to death. Another example of Dan and Ann’s love for Billy was when he wanted to go to his grandpa’s store he would have to sneak out because he didn’t want his dogs to crowd the store because he knew they would follow. But no matter how sneaky we was they always caught him and followed him around. Even when Billy told them to go home they just sat and whined until he said “Fine, alright come on let’s go now.”          One adventure he went on was when he first met Ann and Dan when they were heading back home. It was late so he stopped at a cave and got ready for bed he let the puppies out and the nestled close. In the middle of the night the dogs woke up and barked into the darkness and it turned out to be a mountain lion. So Billy used a torch to scare off the puma. Another adventure they went on was when Ann was looking for a coon she got carried away and got stuck on a frozen lake, she soon fell in and Billy had to run home and grab a broom to break a path way so he could get to Ann. after a while the broom did not work so he got a rock and broke his way in and waded in the freezing lake. He pulled Ann out and warmed her up at home.           Billy and his dogs have gone through many things together and they sure have bonded along the way. This book is about friendship, love and dreams. Billy dreamed of being the most talented coon hunter in the ozark mountains. Billy dreamed of having two coon hunting dogs. He completed both of those dreams because he never gave up and he kept on trying.