When you expand your business by increasing productivity and

 When businesses switch from mobile forms to paper forms, it is for a variety of reasons – the most evident ones to increase productivity and to lower operational costs.Converting to digital forms on smartphones and tablets is no longer a trend in the market, it is how today’s businesses function and should function.Companies that are still using paper forms are kind of playing catch up with their competitors and it is about time that they adapt quickly to this new wave.Top Benefits of using the Axonator Mobile Form App:1.       Customization and Ease of Use: Create what you want and how you want it, with the ability to create your own mobile forms according to your requirement – the Axonator Mobile Form App makes the whole process easy and helps you expand your business by increasing productivity and workers’ can complete their work with ease and simplicity.2.        Analyze Trends: The data recorded through the Axonator mobile app is all electronically stored and immediately available on your systems. It is all organized and compatible with every device, and the ability to understand and go through all the saved data is automatically greater.The stored data can be compared to external resources and more reports can be generated which can help in mapping trends and understanding the market and its workings.3.       Increased Compliance: This mobile form solution brings about a feeling of appreciation and acknowledgement in the workers and introduces an awareness that is generally missing.New and updated mobile forms can be sent to workers if a necessary action is to be taken and this means saving time on your part to convey information to your workers’, thus increasing connectivity within the team and ensuring transparency.Time stamps can also be included to ensure that managers know when a worker is working or when a form was filled out.                        All in all, the above steps help to increase compliance and manage an efficient workplace environment.4. Ease of Integration: All your data that is saved electronically on your mobile device through the Axonator Mobile App can be easily connected to a Dropbox, Google Drive, MS Excel and Evernote – which makes it easier to access this data from anywhere in the field and on any smartphone or tablet.5. Convenience: Our mobile app can help you connect with your workers, save and share data on and through your mobile device with utmost ease, help you customize the forms according to your requirement, and much more.It feels like you have the world at your fingertips, with so much you can do and accomplish with an app that is so straightforward and uncomplicated.All in all, the Axonator Mobile Form app is a one stop solution to all your mobile form app requirements. It has been vigorously and thoroughly tested to work through any anomaly and we hope it will create the revelation that we know it has the potential to.


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