When would be very joyful to accept these toys

When I was in high school I had the chance to
give back to the community in various ways. I
volunteered at Helping Hands, City Meal On Wheels, and the Brooklyn Museum. These
volunteering involvements supplementary led me  appreciations to the needs of my community and
the many occasions to serve by volunteering.


Helping Hands have helped my neighborhood
in the past when I was in Bangladesh and I was part of that neighborhood Back
then my neighborhood was struggling with income and Helping Hands were plentiful
sufficient to help ours pay our electrical bill. I selected to volunteering at
Helping Hands because I always wanted to keep that program exist. At the time,
it appeared like there was little worth in categorization loads of toys but
then the supervisor shared with me that many poor children would be very joyful
to accept these toys for Eid. This one observation assisted me to put it all
into perspective. Volunteering isnt about me.It Played significant role in our
community as well as gaining experiences. Transporting cheerfulness to families
who were suffering and making people 
hopeful who were hopeless.

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I also had the pleasure of helping
with the Meals on Wheels nonprofit organization. My Father used to be a Meals
on Wheels receiver. He told me how he really enjoyed and looking forward to seeing
their corporation and a warm meal daily. I volunteered because my high school teachers
wanted student to volunteer in    community and it was a part of gradation requirement
It was very satisfying distributing warm meals to community who didn’t got the
means of getting one as well as being there for them to talk to. Overall, it
was a actual mortifying experience I have ever had.


At the Brooklyn Museum I assisted
take inventory as well as help formulate for community service area such as the
Science Nights , Boy Scout and Girl Scout campins. When I was in high school, I
personally had the opportunity to participate in one of the boy Scout camp-ins
they host. I remember how the volunteers worked hard cooking our breakfast and
helping with the activities. It was very satisfying to be on the giving end
instead of the receiving end. The Science Nights. Which are free to the public,
are a respectable outreach to the young students in the community. The night
was a way of making education fun and exciting for the childrens. It was a very
satisfying experience to be a part of a free education programs obtainable to
the society and our future generations


I volunteered at several different
organizations  such working in a cyclone
recovery camp in Bangladesh and blood donation group “The victory of the humanity
“This organization still exist. The main purpose of this organization is to gather
blood as much as we can and help people all over the country. so I in my
opinion interact with the community in more than one ways. I chose these organizations
because they have touched my life in a optimistic ways .Throughout my involvement
i learned that there is not a job or act of deal which is too small for each
act must be completed for a community to grow.