When understand other people’s cultures. To see those pins

people think about success, they usually measure it by the amount of money they
make, physical things they own, or the length of their resume. Sometimes it is
just about the goals you make and whether or not you achieved them when your
life on earth is over. Success to me means that in the end, I did not regret
anything when I looked back whether it was for the better or the worse. The
best feeling is that I accomplished all the goals that I wanted to without wishing
I could take them back because they contributed to making my life the best it
could be.

            The first goal I wish to accomplish
is travel around the world and understand other people’s cultures. To see those
pins on Pinterest where people have their passport books filled up with
destinations they have been or photos documenting their travels, it has
inspired me to do the same. I have always been fascinated about going to a
country I have never been before and living outside my comfort zone. In order
for this plan to go through, I know that I will have to save up the money that I
make which accounts to me taking responsibilities and not letting time go by mindlessly.
By getting the opportunity to fly around to places like Iceland, Bali, Denmark,
etc., I can learn different languages, enjoy other cultures, and explore outside
of this Houston bubble that I am living in.

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Another goal I hope to fulfill is
to make my mark by creating a brand for myself. I have always wanted to be my
own boss and empower other women to be able do the same. Putting myself out
there can be a risk but it is a risk that I am willing to take. Increasingly, women
are on the rise becoming CEOs of corporations and jump starting their own careers,
fighting for equality to put their name out so someone will come and see the
difference they have made. To see my mom take life into her own hands when she opened
up her own salon after working for a job she did not want to, really made me
realize that I also long to be my own leader. Next to any great man is an even
greater woman who is intelligent and capable of doing the same things he does
if not better.

I also want to be more confident and
not doubt myself in times of uncertainty. Working out more and trying my
hardest to live a healthy lifestyle has helped me with self-image by allowing
me to see myself as a strong and empowering individual. However, with the
standards of our society today, it can be hard to maintain so positive and not
beat myself down for any mistake I have made. Despite this, I aspire to not let
my hesitations come in the way of my dreams and ambitions. Even with all the
negativity around, it is nice to remember that there are amazing people like my
friends and family whom I choose to surround myself with that can pull me up
and help me realize my true potential.

            By all means, I am still considered
a teenager and have my whole life ahead of me. Throughout my young adult life
and onwards, I hope to continue accomplishing that goals I have set myself for and
live life with no regrets. Maybe in the future my definition of success with
switch around and change but as of now this is what I consider success means to