When to Titley, his job was made fairly easy

When I saw the different movies I could choose from for this
essay, I saw a ton of movies I was interested in, but when I saw Percy Jackson
I knew that was the movie I was going to watch. When I was younger I watched
this movie a ton without knowing much about mythology at all, but now that I
know a lot more I thought it would be a great idea to compare Percy Jackson and
the Olympians: the Lightning Thief the movie and Classical mythology was that
there would be many more references to the myth of Perseus because I thought
Percy was the same person as Perseus. Now having a closer look at everything in
the movie I stand corrected. After watching the movie again and researching the
different hero myths my view and or mindset have changed. I now see that the
movie is much more than Perseus which I thought it was when I was younger, but
I now realize that the movie ties together many different heroes and villains,
stories and jumbles them all up to create the boy we know as Percy Jackson.

this movie being filled with mythology, it was quite easy to implement it into
a movie. According to Titley, his job was made fairly easy by
Riordan’s incorporation of mythology into his update of the tradition. To make
the story more interesting they had to add conflict to keep the audience at the
edge of their seat and in this movie, the conflict was that the three main
protagonists, Percy, Grover, and Annabeth, got sent to the underworld and the
only way out was to find three specific pearls. The
first pearl was said to be located at a floral shop that was abandoned, but
little did Percy and his crew know that that said floral shop was Medusa’s
layer. After Percy and his crew defeat medusa they obtain their first pearl and
quickly move on to the next place where there is another pearl. Their new
destination was the Parthenon replica. Once the group gets there they discover
the pearl but they don’t want to put any suspicions on them to they have to
wait till the park closes to retrieve it. Once they enter the Parthenon they
retrieve the pearl but then run into a very big problem. Hades decides to make
this task a whole lot harder by sending a Hydra to attempt to stop the group.
This task was extremely hard for the group because Percy did not know that if
you cut off a Hydra head two more spawn in its place. In the end they used
Medusas head to turn it to stone, which according to, greekmythology.wikia.com,
Athena “fastened the Gorgon’s head to the shield so that any of her enemies
would be turned to stone”. The final pearl was said to be located at a hotel
and casino, which was called the Lotus Casino. Once the three enter the hotel
they are repeatedly asked by the staff if they would like to try their famous Lotus
flower. They end up getting pressured into taking some and then they continue
to eat them. The flowers had some sort of ingredient to them that kept them at
the hotel for many days which Percy and his friends did not have. With a little
help from Percy’s father they snap out of this never ending loop and eventually
escape the hotel with the pearl.

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