When they’re superior to men” Feminism is Equality. That

you hear the word feminism, what does
one think? it leave a nasty style in
your mouth? The difference in
what folks recognize is within the opinions they have heard regarding feminism,
or the opinions they themselves have shaped, either by contact with a feminist or in another
manner. Maybe at least once you have heard those phrases:

“Only women will be Feminists.”
“Feminists suppose they’re superior
to men.”
“I’m not a Feminist, however I support…..”

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though you will recognize some things concerning feminism, you probably can not help thinking. To
begin, I assumed we should always take a stroll
through history and also the historical
context of the word feminism. The word wasn’t extremely used till the late nineteenth century, although there have been lots
of people that believed
in equality, particularly gender
equality (such as Mary Wollstonecraft). It’s additionally been noted that a number of the first nineteenth century ‘feminists’
were additionally a section of reformist movements in America.
Fast-forward to the twentieth century
and you have got the nineteenth change, giving women the right to vote, and also the Civil Rights Movement. Feminists were present and that they continue on today.

“Only women will be Feminists.”
Yes, the term feminism derives from the word female which means woman-like, however that doesn’t mean
that feminism is just for
one gender. Men, Women, Age gender, Non-Binary, Transgender, no matter you outline your gender as doesn’t exclude you from the
feminist club. simply because the
word means that ‘woman-like’ doesn’t mean you cannot be a feminist. The
term was given to the feminists, they did not take it for themselves. If you have met “feminists”
that say that you just cannot be a feminist because of gender, point them my way and I will allow them to recognize what is up.

“Feminists suppose they’re superior
to men”
Feminism is Equality. That doesn’t mean feminists (and
by stereotyped association
women) suppose they’re higher. All we have a
tendency to raise is that everybody has identical rights as the majority. What’s the majority, you ask? White, Straight, Gendered, Men. Does that mean every one belonging to that class is bad? No! However what folks in this class ought to understand is that they need more privilege
than those that don’t identify as any of the on top of. Once their
privilege is pointed out to
them, they feel attacked, once extremely they must understand that there’s NOT universal equality.
So no, Feminists don’t suppose we are superior
to men, they only wish equality on all levels.

“I’m not a Feminist, however I support…..”
People hesitate to call themselves feminists as a result of all of the negative stereotypes they have seen and detected. in order that they say they support equality of the genders
or races or sexualities or the categories, then again quickly verify with
the person who they’re reproof that they’re NOT
feminists. But, a bit like you should not choose somebody by the
stereotypes related to their
identities, you should not choose feminists by the
stereotypes related to theirs.
Yes, i would not be shocked if a number of you had run
into someone who called themselves a feminist and then said person proceeded to spout hate. All i am saying is to
take those folks with
a grain of salt or utterly dismiss all of them along. If my article proves something, I hope it proves that
feminism is not selective, it is not separate, which it is not what everybody else says it’s.
Remember: Feminism is Equality