When pay for equal work. Creating a fair salary

researching the pay disparity amongst genders it is crucial to take into
consideration the different factors that go into creating a salary. An equal
salary does not mean that every man and women should be paid the exact same
regardless of circumstance, but rather that men and women should be paid on the
basis of equal pay for equal work. Creating a fair salary is a complex job. The
factors that go into creating ones salary range from Job Title, Education Level
and Location just to name a few. There is a current fight in the United Sates
to get companies on board with this process, but it will be a long and strenuous
fight until pay equality is met.

pay has become such a big problem here in the United States. Many women are
being paid significantly less for the same job in contrast to their male
counterparts. In 2016 women who worked full-time in the United States were paid
80% of what a man was paid. That is a gap of 20%. This gap has gone up a lot
since the 1970’s, which we can attribute to women going to school to further
their education and then entering mainly male dominated

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in Hollywood and becoming a famous artist, musicians, actress/actor is the
dream for many people. For the elite who are luckily enough to land their part
in the industry is has not been all massive payout and big riches like it has
been portrayed. The media/television industry is one of the industries with the
biggest pay discrepancies amongst genders. Several very famous women have
spoken out about being paid significantly less than their male counterparts and
their words are saddening. Cat Sadler was a host on E! Entertainment Network..
When she began her career with E! she started alongside her male host at the
same time. They both worked (roughly) the same hours, investigated equal
amounts for stories, and had their equal share of air time. So with this
knowledge, when Cat was offered a renewal on her contract, she was also
informed of her partners salary, which was not only more than what she was
being paid, but double her salary. Cat decided to leave the network stating, If
I stay and do the easy thing, I don’t serve myself and I don’t serve every
other female in the world,”.

the United States has made some progress, it hasn’t been all smooth sailing.
There have been many points throughout the last 48 years where advancement of
the pay disparity has been halted. Currently, women are expected to reach pay
equity with men in 2059. That is only without any halts, if the path continues
on the same trail that is has for the last 48 years (including the stalled
progress) then women would not meet the pay equity of a man until 2119.