When like that there should be several access controls

When I worked for
Genpact, I was a project member and worked with very secured data and
confidential information of the clients. In a company like that there should be
several access controls to secure the data and not let any external factors
intrude the systems or the location of the systems. Physically there are
several trained  guards present who
secure the location and monitor the area from time to time.These guards will be
able to help the visitors have access to enter into the organizational premises
by following certain rules and regulations set up by the organization. Visitors
who are approved to enter in would have to sign in enlist at the security entrance
after which they’ll be given visitor tags which they can use as ID card to
swipe in at different sections inside the organizational premises and sign out
accordingly when they leave by handing over the visitor tags to the security.

There are several
probabilities where there might be an absence of the security guards at the
location, one of which is at the night times when there won’t be more guards to
monitor the security of the organization and there should be other provisions
made to secure the premises. This is when access control comes into the
picture. There are several access control ways that can be used in the company
I had worked, they had a digital door lock system, biometric access and
Identity card system.

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So, let’s go one
by one here, Firstly Digital lock system where you will be given a unique 5
digit code which is different for every employee or contractor of the
organization, by which when you want to access the company facility you need to
have the 5 digit code to enter the organization.

The second is
biometric access this is the second phase of access where your finger print is
taken on a digital machine, which scans the finger in order to give access to
the systems for the accessing the data and continuing with the work.

The last form of
access is the identity card system, where you swipe your card at your desk and
make sure that the right user has logged in and can use the data that has been
set. If there is somebody who sneak from the back into the company, they need
to have all these segments of authentication to malfunction the systems. If
they can get through the first access control, there are two other access
controls waiting for him/her for them to get through. So practically it is
difficult to go through all the access controls by a visitor or someone who
doesn’t have access to any of these access controls.

Basically, access
controls are the latest technology which have been in the market from few years
and have been a success for the protection of the company premises and the data
inside in the system. As in the current trend of the world, everything that is
the data is stored electronically so that it can be used and retrieved when
ever you want, for the protection of this you need several access controls to
provide the desired security and confidentiality for the information that is
been made or used by the company and the clients.

The way it impacts
the physical security is when you have several access controls that I have
mentioned, there need not be any presence of physical security required as
there are several steps in the digital security, If the intruder crosses even
one security challenge there are two other ways which he/she can be stopped and
there is no possibility of getting into the systems of the organizations and there
will be no loss of data. The digital security will be in its highest form and
safety will be the foremost concern.