When have multiple varieties of brands to choose from


            When shopping, consumers are burdened with so many different choices of brands, and forced to pick just one. But how does one choose which brand to buy? Somatic markers are feelings in the body that are associated with emotions. When consumers go shopping, somatic markers influence consumer’s decision on which brand to purchase over others and can be both positive and negative but, when choosing a product, we tend to choose a product with a brand which creates positive feelings and emotions within us. When purchasing a brand of chocolate bar at the grocery store, somatic markers assist me in choosing which brand to buy, as my preference of chocolate bar brands is associated with different feelings and emotions.

            Chocolate bars have multiple varieties of brands to choose from and when buying one, I have noticed that both positive somatic markers control and influence my decision. I associate familiarity, memories, packaging, taste and stereotypes of the brand with different chocolate bars, and choose the brand of which I feel most comfortable with.

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            Growing up, my parents always bought the Cadbury brand of chocolate for our family as it tastes delicious and, the brand has always obtained a good reputation. As I now live on my own, I have to make my own, personal decisions when buying products and, I have recognized that I unconsciously consider buying the Cadbury brand as I am familiar with it Cadbury stimulates positive feelings of memories of my family and home, leading me more towards buying the brand over other chocolate bars.

            Additionally, consumers are more likely to spend money on a chocolate bar which they know tastes good as they are able to recognize the taste and brand. As I grew up eating Cadbury chocolate, I trust that I will never be disappointed with the distinct and delightful taste with which I associate with this specific chocolate brand. Thus, I will choose to purchase Cadbury over other brands which I have never tried. Consumers unconsciously build trust in brands which they are familiar with causing them to constantly go back to purchase these brands, as they do not want to be unfaithful to the brand, or betray it.

            When many different brands of chocolate bars sit on a shelf at a store, those chocolates which attract consumers based on the appearance of the packaging, evoking positive feelings in the consumer often sell quicker than those which are not packaged as pleasantly. The packaging of Cadbury branded products also stimulates positive emotions in consumers, as their products have a bright, polished, classy appearance, which is admirable over other packing of chocolate brands.