When and South America were fighting over new land,

When it comes to history, some are not as “black and white” as they may seem. The compromise of 1850 solved a little amount of problems but made some huge changes. I absolutely believe that this compromise was important to document for history. It relieved Texas of it’s debt, ended slave trade in Washington DC, and made California it’s own slave free state.First of all, The Compromise of 1850 solved the problem by setting the boundaries we now have of Texas, then they received $10 million in federal bonds. The state was overloaded with debt, which had began piling up during its struggles as the Republic of Texas. The state was in a huge debt that consisted of $10,000,000! “Who won and who lost in the deal? Although each side received benefits, the north seemed to gain the most.” States www.ushistory.org.Moreover, the slave trade was ended in Washington D.C. Slaves that were already owned were allowed to be kept, but trading and buying more slaves was here on out illegal. Whenever somebody saw a slave that has escaped, they were supposed to return the slave to its master. Last but not least, North and South America were fighting over new land, California, and whether or not slaves/slave trade would be legal. “It is important to note that differing opinions on slavery were not the only things that separated the North from the South. A strong sense of sectionalismundue concern with petty distinctions and local interests, which had started brewing decades before, was coming a peak. It seems as though James Knox Polk was trying to assure the American people quite the opposite when he said ‘The inestimable value of our Federal Union is felt and acknowledged by all.’ in 1845, but by that time it was much too late. At that times murmurs of succession were spreading across the states, and people were ready to take action. In addition to sectionalism, strong opinions on slavery were forming as well. In 1854 William Lloyd bluntly said ‘Every slave is a stolen man; every slaveholder is a man stealer’. The Compromise of 1850 made people really feel like their ‘union’ was actually two forces, the North and the South, battling for every scrap of legal ground they could get their hands on.” States www.owlcation.com In other words, the North and South were fighting over anything they could. When the new land, California, was founded, the North wanted California as a slave-allowed state but the South wanted it as a slave-free state. The North gained California (the 16th non-slave state) as its own state, slave-free. Although, slave trade was prohibited in Washington D.C.Henry clay (1777-1852) was the person that made this whole 3thing happen. The United States Senate, A.D. 1850. Henry clay, senator, recommended a set of resolutions on January 29, 1850, when he was looking for a compromise and trying to prevent a crisis between North and South. As part of the compromise, the Fugitive Slave Act was amended (made more fair) and the slave trade in Washington, D.C., was prohibited. Www.britannica.com states “…the city of Washington expanded beyond its originally planned boundaries and became legally indistinguishable from the District of Columbia. Washington, D.C., remains a territory, not a state…” “Clay’s purpose was to maintain a balance between free and slave states and to satisfy both proslavery and antislavery forces. The plan adopted by Congress had several parts: California was admitted as a free state, upsetting the equilibrium that had long prevailed in the Senate;any of various legislative or governing bodies the boundary of Texas was fixed along its current lines; Texas, in return for giving up land it claimed in the Southwest, had $10Kadence McCreightNHD4th pdmillion of its onerous debt assumed by the federal government; areas ceded by Texas became the recognized territories of New Mexico and Utah, and in neither case was slavery mentioned, ostensibly leaving these territories to decide the slavery question on their own by the principle of popular sovereignty; The law that the authority of a state and its government is created and sustained by the consent of its people the slave trade, but not slavery itself, was abolished in the District of Columbia; and finally, Congress passed a new and stronger Fugitive Slave Act,The law that all escaped slaves, when they were captured, had to be returned to their masters taking the matter of returning runaway slaves out of the control of states and making it a federal responsibility.” States www.britannica.com.In conclusion , the compromise of 1850 solved three main problems; relieved Texas of its debt, ended slave trade in Washington D.C., and made California its own slave free state. In my opinion, the compromise was one of the best things that’s happened. I mean think about it . Without the compromise, Texas would still have a lot of debt, and slave trade would still be legal in Washington. California wouldn’t even be its own state! This particular compromise was a huge part of history.