When all fields of science. . For instance, all

When I think about different aspects of science and technology, there are tremendous changes happened in this field, so it’s hard to think of a domain that is going to change the world in all aspects.



Now computer science is being used as tool, as mathematics is used, for all fields of science.

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. For
instance, all fields of science collect and analyze a large amount of data. Finding
patterns in large amounts of data has always been a stumbling block. However,
by using state of the art software for data mining and machine learning, hidden
trends and patterns may emerge that can help increase understanding and solve
problems. Similarly,
with the vast amounts of data in genomics, we can use various data mining
techniques to find patterns that advance our understanding of how the human
body functions, including understanding some of the brain’s intricacies. These
patterns could also help with disease diagnosis and possible cures.



This is where I feel excited, merging technology with human intelligence to create an age of Artificial Intelligence


Rather, it’s about creating HI, or ‘Human Intelligence’: the merger of humans and AI. … to cure age-related diseases and radically extend healthy human life to 100+ (Human Longevity Inc.), replicate the human visual cortex using artificial intelligence (Vicarious), …




I want to contribute to this age of evolution.








Thus, a Masters in Computer Science (with emphasis on Artificial Intelligence) is the logical culmination of my passion for Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science.



I always enjoyed the practical aspects of my studies, and that is one of the reasons why my marks in lab exercises, oral examinations, practical examination and project averaged above 90%.





I realized that I need to gain more experience and exposure to an excellent research environment. Thus I
decided to pursue a Master’s Degree.



I want to make sure that the company I am building is around for a long term and with this goal in mind, decided to study further in an institution which provides world class study and research atmosphere, the best faculty, exceptional peers and excellent infrastructure, an institute that can facilitate resources to help attain my ambitions.