What uses sustainable resources E.g. H&M and other fashion

What stakeholders can
do – implement legislation, enforce rules, punish
Technology –
develop new innovative technology to tackle problems / renewable sources
of energy (clean tech) / hybrid cars / lab-grown burgers
Change in attitude and
lifestyle – most important change. One particular
solution is inadequate. There is a need for a radical change in our
lifestyle and attitudes.


The State /

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Great push towards
renewable energy sources  by China and South korea
E.g. production of
solar panels

More households using
them as the costs are increasingly lowered
SG: some new HDB
flats are using these to power some of the corridor lights and lifts

900 HDB blocks and 8
govt sites equipped with solar panels




Some companies have
now made environmental conservation, or sustainable consumption as part of
their branding strategy
Questionable if these
are merely marketing strategy/ really effective
E.g. International
beauty brand Body Shop  has successfully cultivated and image of
being an eco-friendly brand that uses sustainable resources
E.g. H&M and other
fashion retailers coming up with eco-conscious, environmentally conscious
fashion line

Offer to take in old
clothes as part of its recycling efforts

E.g. Mcdonald’s new
commitment to use only sustainable beef

Cattle husbandry is
one of the chief emitters of greenhouse gases, and consumes a large
amount of water

BUT “green
consumerism” is no more than a way of easing our guilt of consumption

Individuals /


environmental activists have made people increasingly aware of the
environment – powerful voice to lobby / resist the govt to implement
eco-friendly policies

Especially since laws
can be illegally sidestepped, there is a need for tight enforcement

E.g. Greenpeace The
story of stuff

Video that went viral
and raised more awareness about the harmful effects of excessive


Moral duty to protect
the planet – many now see environmental conservation as a serious cause
thus protests are being organized
E.g. Pope Francis’

The pope issued the
first encyclical that addressed environmental degradation, making a
rallying cry for how environmental conservation is a moral and religious
Call to richer
nations to do more, and show how environmental degradation has devastating
impact on poorer countries and would eventually lead to possibly
 environmental refugees – people whose homelands are ravaged by the
impacts of climate change and are thus forced to relocate