what on habitats and behavioral traits of many different

what is noise pollution?

noise pollution is when  items create very loud sound regularly  we call this noise pollution noise pollution
has allot of effect on habitats and behavioral traits of many different spices
of animals and also has negative effects towards humans noise pollution also
has negative effects on plant life and impact our world greatly

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noise pollution under the sea?

 Lots of people believe
the water is a peace full place and all sea creatures swim happily together
well this would not be that hard to believe where the ocean is far from our
touch sense mankind has pretty much destroyed every thing else  but yet the ocean was not as far from our
reach after all chances are you have heard of whales standings recently there
was a mass whale stranding of over 1000 on one beach on the same day the wales suffered
from bleeding around ears and eternal  bleeding
this happened because of sound interference bellied to come from military sonar
in the area  the sonar makes a large repeating
noise and uses echolocation to detect how low the sea bed is  but whales also use echolocation witch
interference cases an interference witch messes up with there navigation
communication and there way to find there food animals like hermit crabs are
also effected by this and recent studies show most hermit crabs are less worried
about hiding from predators and more worried about  sound.


We all like belugas right there beautiful whales that swim
in the artic but did you know that even the artic is effected by noise
pollution caused by oil drilling and ice breakers this are both loud noises and
together are even louder studies shows that whales in the artic stay 50km away
from oil drillings sonar and icebreakers to avoid interference with there
communication and navigation lately belugas and narwhals ae dying in something known
as a whale entrapment a whale entrapment is a small hole in the ice where