What is still so much injustice causing threats to

What are Kinds Reasons for being in Birmingham? How does King answer to the charge of being an outsider?King is in Birmingham because that’s where injustice is along with organizational ties.  He feels the need to “carry the gospel of freedom beyond my hometown.” King takes in the criticisms but since he is an outsider he gets a ton of criticism therefore he can not spend his whole day like that he has to move past that.What does this mean for individuals who have ignored the issues of Birmingham? What does this mean today for each of us living in the United States?This means that even by ignoring it you are creating more threats to justice. It means you are allowing it to continue. The quote still applies to this day, it really hasn’t changed as much as it should have. To this day there is still so much injustice causing threats to justice.What are the four basic steps of nonviolent direct action? For each of the steps state an example in Birmingham. Can you just think of another historical example of nonviolent protest which followed these steps?The four steps would be collecting the facts, Negotiation, Self purification and direct action. The birmingham situation had caused everyone to be called such harsh unjust facts. People also tried to negotiate by asking to take down the very offensive signs which resulted in a broken promise. People self purify themselves to stay nonviolent. When nothing worked they would start to take matters into their own hands and fight for what they deserved with no violent intentions. Why did King and others decide to delay their actions?They remembered that the mayoral election was coming up in March and they also wanted to see Mr. Connor defeated.What does King mean by “constructive nonviolent tension” and how does he define its goal?I think King means that the way we deal with  racism is always by force  so rather than having the violence and getting no improvements we should have as King called it, “constructive nonviolent tension”Choose an example from United States history which represents the “painful experience that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor.” Choose an example which illustrates his point that “justice too long delayed is justice denied.”Women were always fighting for the right to vote. It took so much fighting to earn the right to vote which is why suffragists were a great example in this scenario, especially since they have had to protest even when their justice was shot down but society and men. List the injustices and choose those three to compare to the Bill of Rights and/ or the UDHR.King was arrested for the charge of parading without a permit.  In theory this would be a good idea but it only allows segregation to continue.  This denies King his first amendment rights of peaceful assembly and protest. King and the black community are forever fighting the “degenerating sense of nobodiness”.  It is as though they have no human rights because they are not human.  It is our human right to be treated as such. Most African Americans do not even get enough respect as to be called by their own name.  Most whites called them by racially offensive names. Everyone is given a name that we are supposed to be called by. Therefore there is no reason for someone to disrespect another person by not calling them by their given name.How does King define the two types of law; just and unjust?Just laws concur with the moral law, or the law of God.  It uplifts the idea of human personality and does not segregate based on race, ethnicity, or gender.  An unjust law goes against the moral code.  It demoralizes humankind and degrades human personality.Give an example of present day law you might feel a moral obligation to disobey.The only time that I might feel a moral obligation to disobey would be when the law goes against my morals/values.  In most cases I am too afraid to break the rules for any reason but if something went way against what I believe I would have to stand up for what I believe in.  One thing that comes to mind is that prayer is not allowed in schools.  I am aware that teachers are not allowed to promote any faith in the classroom and can not lead any type of Bible study.  There is no time for students to pray during school but I find time to get by myself and spend time with my Lord.   The only other time I can think of that I might disobey the law would be if my safety was endangered.  If I had someone threatening my life or the life of one of my family members I would do what is necessary to make them safe or get myself to safety.  If I had someone on campus that was threatening me, I would not be afraid to bring a pocket knife or something of that sort with me even though it is against the law.  I would morally feel the need to keep myself and especially my family safe.Must we obey laws we do not participate in creating? Why or why not?Even though we do not participate in the laws that have been created it is our civil responsibility to vote.  We voted for the leaders who are in charge and they are the ones who are making the laws.  If you did not vote you have no right to say anything bad about what that particular person is doing.  In addition to that, whether we like the law or not, we are still held accountable for following it.  If I just decided that it is stupid to have to wear my seatbelt while driving and I got pulled over for it, I would still have to pay the consequences for choosing not to obey the law.Why does King think breaking an unjust law “lovingly” would be an expression of respect for the law?When one lovingly breaks the law they are willing to accept the consequences for their actions.  When one’s conscience tells them that a law is unjust and they break it they are willing to pay the penalty in order to get the law changed. What does King warn will happen if the Negro community is not allowed to demonstrate through nonviolent actions?  Is this a threat?If the Negro communities are not allowed to protest in this way it is likely to become violent.  This was not meant as a threat; just a statement of what he fears may come in the future if things are not handled now. Why does King welcome the label extremist?He has gained satisfaction from the title.  There have been many people in the world that have been labeled extremist that have made a huge impact.  For example: Jesus was an extremist for love, Amos was an extremist for justice, and Paul was an extremist for the Christian gospel, etc.Choose one quote for each of the themes of Justice, Transformation, and Reconciliation. Choose a photo to compliment that quote. The photo can be of Birmingham or of a current issue in your community or world today. Justice: “Let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever flowing stream.”Transformation: “This nation cannot survive half slave and half free.”Reconciliation: “We hold these truths to be self-evident all men are created equal.”