What construction. Like the megaliths in Stonehenge, other structures

What technological advances are demonstrated in the Ancient World through art? Make sure to give examples from the text.


Cave paintings and sculptures showed a more naturalistic approach, which indicated a piece of art like the statuette “Venus O Willendorf” it was from early modern times. The statuette woman known as “Venus of Willendorf” suggested a connection to childbearing and originated in lower Austria around 25,000 BCE to 20,000 BCE. Symbol designed pots used by people to store millet and other foods in the Near East. Susa was known for Neolithic painter who decorated pottery. They were also known for their beakers decorated with stylized dog, ibex, and long neck birds. They are made of baked clay with decoration on it, it was from southwest Iran in 5,000 BCE to 4,000 BCE. Around 8,000 BCE in the Neolithic Era, special oven were eventually built to be used to cook grains and was built in Near East as well. This wouldn’t have been possible if not for the creation of pottery. Pottery created easier ways to store food and was crucial for people in the Near East in Neolithic times.

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In Europe, both Britain and France monumental stone called megaliths were formed in the late Neolithic period. Megaliths were used in prehistoric cultures for being a prehistoric monument. Megaliths creations showed a basic form of architectural construction. Like the megaliths in Stonehenge, other structures were made to represent transience of life and eternity of ancestral life. This would lead to further advances of architectural construction of later monuments to represent a place of prayer or celebration. For an example of monument prayer is Fig. 16-6 and dietics from Abu Temple, Tell Asmar, Iraq, ca. 2900-2600 BCE. A great example of a place of celebration is Fig. 16-7 Stele of Hammurabi, ca 1760 BCE.

Things like monuments and pottery are still done in current modern times and will continue long after were gone. Personally, I believe these technological advances were crucial in those times and shaped our ways of life.