What consists of three parts; the generator which is

What is a hydraulic system: A hydraulic system is a drive system which uses pressurized hydraulic fluid to power the machinery. The term hydrostatic refers to the flow of transfer of energy, from the flow and pressure. A hydraulic drive system consists of three parts; the generator which is driven by an electrical motor, engine,valves, filter etc. The actuator which is the hydraulic motor or the hydraulic cylinder  is used to drive the machinery.  The application of hydraulics: It takes a substantial amount of force to slow down or to stop a car which is travelling at speed. Hydraulics are used in the braking system of a car. They create a force from the drivers pedal which is then multiplied to produce a greater force, which then acts equally on the brake pads. The pressure in a liquid is equally transmitted in every direction. This means that when a force is applied to one specific point of a liquid, it will be transmitted to other point within the liquid. The pressure in liquids: Particles in liquids are close together, making liquids incompressible. As the particles move around, they collide with other particles and with the walls of the container. The pressure in a liquid is transmitted in all directions, so a force extruded at one point on a liquid will be transmitted to other point in the liquid. Hydraulic system are also found in: lifting equipment: hydraulic jacks.hydraulic presses: which is used during the forging of metals. Lifting equipment: lifting and excavating machinery.   what is a hydraulic actuation: An actuator is a component of a machine which is responsible for moving and controlling a system. An actuator requires a control single and  a source of energy. The control signal is low energy and can be electric voltage or current,pneumatic or hydraulic pressure.when the control signal is received, the actuator reacts by converting the energy into mechanical motion. An actuator is the mechanism which is a controlled system which reacts upon the environment. The system can be a fixed mechanical or electronic system. what is a valve actuator: A valve actuator is a mechanism which is used to open and close valves. manually operated valves require a person to adjust them while using a direct or geared mechanism,  which is attached to the valve system. power operated actuators, using gas pressure, hydraulic pressure or electricity allows a valve to be adjusted remotely, or allows rapid operation of large valves.  power operated valve actuators might be the final components of an automatic control loop which automatically regulates the flow or level. Actuators may only be to open or close the valve. some valve actuator include switches or other forms to remotely indicate the position of the valves. what is a pneumatic actuation system: A pneumatic actuator converts energy formed for compressed air at high pressure  either linear or rotary motion. Pneumatic energy is used for main engine controls because it can quickly respond in starting and stopping as the power source does not need to be stored in reserve operation. Pneumatic actuators considers forces to be produced from small pressure changes. These forces are mostly used to effect the flow of liquid through the valve.  Vast amount of pneumatic systems depend on a constant supply of compressed air to make them function. This is supplied by an air compressor. The compressor sucks in the air from the atmosphere,  and stores it in a high pressure tank called a receiver.  The compressed air is then supplied to the system through pipes and valves. Compressed air filters: compressed air filters are used to remove any contaminants from compressed air after compression has been done. The different type of filters can vary below is a list of them;Activated carbon filters: utilize a composite of carbon material to remove gases from the air. They are used in factories where food is produced or for breathing gas. particle filters: compressed air filters are used to remove dust and particles from the air. compressed intake filters: Intake filter are filters which can remove contaminants as well as chemical ones.The main components of a pneumatic system: The first major components is an air filter, this is used to filter any components from the air.Air compressor conveys the mechanical energy of an electric motor into the potential energy of compressed air. There are vast amount of types of compressors that are used in the compressed air system. compressors used for the generation of compressed air is selected if the maximum pressure and the required flow rate of the air are;pistons or compressors.rotary compressors.centrifugal compressors and axial flow compressors. Reciprocating compressors are single stage or double stage piston compressor and dighpagam compressors. The electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. it is used to drive the air compressor. The control valves are used to regulate, control and monitor the flow of direction and  pressure. The main operation of the control valve is to maintain a constant downstream of  pressure in the air line, without taking into account of the upstream pressure  due to the high velocity of the compressed air flow. There is pressure which is depended on the pressure to be quite low between the receiver and the load. Thus the pressure in the recive is higher than the system pressure. There are other components of pneumatic systems for example; pneumatic cylinders, rotary actuators and air motors given the force and movement for the most of pneumatic systems, for holding, moving, forming and processing of materials.what is a mechanical handling system: is a mechanical equipment used for the movement of storage, control and protection of materials and products. Through the process of manufacturing, distributing, consumption and disposal. The different types of handling equipment can be put into four categories. For example transport equipment, positioning equipment, unit load equipment and storage equipment. The uses of a mechanical handling systemcarnes: A crane is a type of machine, generally comprised of a hoist rope, wire ropes or chains, and sheaves which can be used to lift and lower materials and to move them horizontally. it is mainly used to lifting heavy objects and transporting them to locations. carnes are commonly used in the transport industry for loading and unloading products. furthermore cranes are also used in the construction industry for moving heavy materials amd for assembling equipment.Cranes are easy to maneuver and are quite flexible which makes them very efficat in cramped spaces. forklift: Is induratul truck which is used to lift and move materials over small distances. The forklift is a much more efficient way to lift or to move objects. The forklift is used in the construction industry for example in a tile shop it can be hard to moves pallets so a forklift comes in handy. Task 2: describe with the aid of diagrams, the general layout and operation of a steam power generation plant a refrigeration system and an air condition system. what is a steam powered generation plant: A steam power station is a  station which the electric generator is driven by steam. The water is heated which in turn is turned into steam,this steam travels down a pipe which operates the electrical generator. After it passes the tubeline it changes it physical state which in turn goes into a heated chamber. composites of a steam generation plant: The steam generation plant consists of a boiler, powerful heater, economizer,air preheater,alternator, feed water and a condenser. The condenser is a steam-electric power plant that utilizes a surface condenser which is cooled by water that is running through the tubes. The steam that is used to turn the tubline is put into the condenser. Thus the steam makes contact with the cool tubes full of curilating water. which is referred to as condensate water ( where the physical state is changed). Below is a diagram of a condenser.   feed