Well on making sure that every student achieves basic

Well here are five reasons why Finland is set apart from the rest of the world. Number one is that no child gets left behind. the Finnish government sends a PV (box of supplies and clothes) to every family with a newborn child. then from there on child care is heavily taken care of. allowing most families to send their children into some form of early childhood education. Finland’s public schools also concentrate on making sure that every student achieves basic knowledge in the subjects that they study. whereas here in the u.s. students and school districts are expected to compete against one another for limited resources surely creating a system of winners and losers. this difference in approach is one of the reasons why the achievement gap that exists between the rich and poor in American schools is smaller in Finland than anywhere else in the world. The second reason is that Finnish children don’t even start school until they turn seven and once they’re in school they get almost triple the amount of recess time as American students. they’re rarely assigned homework until high school and they almost never take standardized tests. in fact Finnish students are only required to take one standardized test and that’s not until the end of high school. The third reason Finland is better in education than most countries in the world is that the teachers are actually get this respected. becoming a teacher isn’t easy in Finland there are only eight universities that offer the master’s programs required to earn a teaching credential and only one in 10 applicants get accepted so it’s no surprise that teachers in Finland receive roughly the same level of respect as doctors and lawyers. plus thanks to powerful unions Finnish teachers only spend four hours a day in the classroom and take two hours a week for professional development. reason number four, Finns believe that when it comes to education patience hands-on learning and focusing on problem-solving are more important than listening to lectures mindless test preparation and memorization of information that students will directly forget as soon as they leave the exam room I know it’s a really crazy concept right. then Finnish teachers don’t race through lessons to cram as much information as possible into students heads so that the students can then express that information back out on a standardized test. instead they give priority to moving slowly and taking as much time as necessary to thoroughly investigate and learn fewer topics but in much greater depth reason. number five, Finland may not be the socialist paradise every Bernie Sanders voter dreams about but it’s pretty close. almost everyone in Finland is middle class so income inequality is not nearly the problem there that it is in the united states. almost all Finnish kids come to school well fed rested and ready to learn. There is no cops patrolling the school hallways and certainly. Finland also has far fewer immigrant students it is kind of like Donald Trump’s dream I guess. only one in 40 students in Finnish schools has immigrant parents or is a immigrant themselves. compared that number to the US public schools where that figure is one in five. that means there are not nearly as many kids in Finland schools who are trying to learn math, science, and history in a completely new language all while also trying to learn that new language itself so should we instead of thinking America is the best in everything. Maybe we should take notes from what Finland is doing. Now there is a solution to America is make the requirements to become a teacher higher. In america the requirements aren’t that much however they aren’t the lowest. You need at least a bachelor’s degree minimum, but a master’s is preferred and would help you pay. You need to be experienced