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Well “Hey Good Lookin, Whatcha Got Cookin”?  That statement would be one of Hank William’s most popular songs.  Hank Williams is an American singer and songwriter.  He sings, and plays the guitar and fiddle.  He has many names he has been called such as Luke the Drifter, The Hillbilly, Shakespeare, The Singing Kid, and Timber Snake.  Hank Williams was born on September 17, 1923. He was born at Mount Olive, Butler County, Alabama. His full name is Hiram King Williams.  His parents were Elonzo Huble and Jessie Lillybelle Skipper Williams.  His father actually left him and his family when Hank was little.  Williams loved music as a child.  According to ( https://www.thefamouspeople.com/profiles/hiram-king-williams-1568.php) Williams learned guitar from a street performer named, Rufus ‘Tee-Tot’ Payne, who played blues.  He loved to sit by his mother as a child and sang while she played the organ.   He was in a band called the Drifting Cowboys and eventually quit school to be in the band all the time.  Hank was not single forever.  He fell in love with a girl named Audrey Sheppard.  She had just gotten a divorce with another man and 10 days later, Hank and Audrey got married.  They married at a gas station near Andalusia, Alabama in December 1944.  Hank and Audrey had a child in year of 1949.  They had a son.  His name was Randall Hank Jr.  As the 1950’s rolled around, Hank was still making music.  He was  releasing some great records.  Williams was being known on a national level.  His songs were at the top of the country charts.  Aside from making music and being a star. Hank and Audrey opened up a clothing store which was called Hank and Audrey’s Corral.  They had it all, especially Hank.   Within 2 years many troubles were coming about.   As Hank got more and more famous, he felt pressured to keep writing and producing new songs.  Supposedly Hank bought some songs and called them his own. His music wasn’t just the problem either.  Hank and Audrey’s relationship was beginning to plummet.  As the year went on, Hank’s   drinking problem started becoming more alarming, and Audrey had enough.  She filed for divorce in January.  The divorce between Hank and Audrey took a big told on Hank.  It put his music to the top.  He was making and selling music like no other.  He produced music, like a mad man.  These great actions didn’t stay around for long.  Hank lost all control over his drinking problem.  He couldn’t control his drinking and started popping medication and abused it for a very long time.  His life went downhill.  Hank lost his job at the Grand Ole Opry.  He had to move into his mom’s house.  Throughout the year, his life started to look up.  He found himself a woman, named Billie Jean Jones.  Although what comes up, must come down, and surely Hank’s lifestyle did.  Hank and Billie got a divorce, after being married for 10 weeks.  Hank’s actions showed he was distraught.   A very tragic night was in store for Hank on New Years Eve.  Hank was on his way to his show that was in Ohio that night.  He was riding in the backseat of a Cadillac.  Hank was hooked on the medications and died of an alcohol induced heart attack.  Hank’s funeral was held at Montgomery, Alabama.  Hank’s life wasn’t always love and singing.  He went through a lot of troubles and hardships.  Hank had battles with himself and other people.  It wasn’t always fun times on the road and good feeling nights.  Most of Hank’s nights were spent alone and unforgiving.  Hank had a great start going when he was in his twenties.  He had a lady who loves him dearly.  They got married fast, and didn’t regret it.  Hank and Audrey loved to be with each.  Audrey had a love for music just like Hank.  When Hank was in his band, he let Audrey join.  That was where they’re troubles started.  Hank and others weren’t the greatest fan of Audrey.  As years went by Hank started his drinking, and Audrey had enough of it.  She couldn’t take his addiction to alcohol any longer.  She decided she was going to leave Hank.  Audrey gave Hank a choice, he could choice his alcohol and keep drinking or he would stop his drinking and get to keep Audrey.  Hank wasn’t the only one who had a problem with alcohol.   Audrey’s last year’s were spent drinking and using drugs.  It was a very ironic situation, since Audrey left Hank because of his addiction to alcohol and medication.   Hank Williams had a big problem with abusing alcohol and pills.  He truly didn’t live long enough to show how much more potential he still had.  He had a love for music, and a love for alcohol.  It was a very sad thing.  Hank’s life wasn’t always the greatest.    According to (https://www.biography.com/people/hank-williams-9532414) His childhood was also shaped by his spinal condition, spina bifida, which set him apart from other kids his age and fostered a sense of separateness from the world around him.  It was a disorder in the spinal column.  Some thought maybe his alcohol was due to the fact that he had this condition.  According to http://nodepression.com/article/long-lonesome-highway-hank-williams.  Some biographers agree, the resulting pain caused him to move toward music as a career since he was physically unable to labor in the Alabama lumber industry, where jobs were plentiful for young men during the ’30s.  Having this back disorder made him to turn to alcohol and pain killers to ease his pain.  Hank started drinking at the age of 11.  He took his last drink at the age of 29.  His drinking caused his performance in shows to not be the best.  He ended up just having to perform in bars.  What could have been a great success was becoming a slow failure.  He became very lonesome.  This terrible addiction took a 29 year old away. His alcoholism and pill popping destroyed his life.  It was a very tragic event and took a great country star way too soon.  Hank Williams death was a great loss to the country community.  His alcoholism took a toll on everyone.  His 29 years of life had many great songs and wonderful hits.  When Hank was growing up he started entering himself in music contests all over the world.  He won $15 at the Empire Theater in Montgomery.   He never really worked hard labor jobs.  He got his own weekly 15 minute show on The Montgomery radio station.  Hank then got his first recording.  It was recorded at the Griffins Radio Shop.  In 1946, Hank auditioned for Acuff-Rose Publishing.  He then got a writers contract.  Hank recorded his first session and his song “Calling You” was released.  Big things were happening for him, including contracts, recording sessions, and releasing singles.  After releasing his single “Calling You”, it landed him a record contract with MGM.  Hanks first singme with MGM was called “Move It On Over”.  It sold 108,000 copies.  He became more and more known to the people.  Hank got a bigger role on a radio station. It was called the Louisiana Hayride.  Hank recorded a song from the musical “Oooh Ernest” called “Lovesick Blues”.  That was the start of his big break.  According to (http://www.encyclopedia.com/people/literature-and-arts/music-popular-and-jazz-biographies/hank-williams)  “From the opening line, with its keening yodel adding a dramatic flourish to the word “blues,” it was obvious that this was a performance—rather than a song—that was impossible to ignore. ”   That song became Hank’s trademark song. In 1949, he was hired at the Grand Ole Opry.   Throughout the years, Hank released many hits.  He quickly recorded two more songs that also hit the charts, “Wedding Bells,”  and “Mind Your Own Business”.  Supposedly his song “Mind Your Own Business” was towards his wife.  He earned lots of fans, who loved him and his songs.  He wasn’t the only person who wanted to be in the light.  Hank’s wife Audrey wanted to sing.  Hank had let Audrey perform in his band ” Drifting Cowboys”.  They recorded many songs together.  Producers were not happy with the way Audrey’s voice sounded. As the year 1949 continued, Hank was still producing music.  When 1950 came along, he produced three new and very successful songs; “My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It,” “Long Gone Lonesome Blues,” and “Why Don’t You Love Me.”  His success didn’t stop there in 1951, Hank released the song “Cold Cold Heart.”  It was at the top of the charts for almost a year.  A pop singer Tony Bennett recorded a version of the song.  It was a big success because it was the first time a country song had been recorded by a pop singer and had been given such great feedback.  Hank was on the top of the world. Especially the country world.  Hank had a tremendous lead in the country genre.  The people loved him, and his talented work as an artist.  He knew exactly how to please the people and he did just that.  Hank was a an artist.  He was truly the “Singing Kid”.