. “Welcome to your destination.” Undoubtingly, obstacles will occur

. “Welcome to your destination.” Undoubtingly, obstacles will occur in life. How you overcome these obstacles is what makes you who you are. Being determined to accomplish a goal can take you to the next step. Deciding that you are going to pursue the goal is after. Finally, having faith that you can overcome whatever is thrown your way is like the landing of your flight. You control what road you take in life, what resources you used and how you let the turbulence affect you. Only your decisions can affect how far you get and when you get there. One could argue that we do not control majority of what happens in our life, but fate, chance, genetics and luck do. Upon closer analysis, the argument is flawed because even with great genes, luck, and higher chances, it matters whether or not you act upon these blessings. If you have these factors on your side, why not take advantage of them? Our decisions, determination and faith all play an important role on your journey to success in your life. For instance, Michael Jordan did not have a position waiting for him in the NBA. Michael was turned down from his varsity team as a sophomore due to his lack pf height. However, his determination led him to set many records at the University of North Carolina. From here on, Michael worked his way to the top and earned the title as one of the best basketball players in NBA history. Having blessings as such can put you in a great position. However, it is up to you to take control by being determined, and having faith. Similarly, Christopher McCandless, a college student, had the same type of faith in himself. Believing he could make it without the modern necessities, McCandless abandoned his vehicle and money, relying only on nature. Although he did not survive, he was in control of all his doings and knew that eventually, it may end in catastrophe (Krakauer 19). Finally, a short story convinces a boy of a higher being’s power. While resting a man unknowingly encountered several dangerous situations. However, having angels guarding him helped intimidate these dangers. “I still believe in that angel or I wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t be able to cope with the daily difficulties (Al-Araji, Jarrar 40).” All in all, having a certain level of faith can help you control your actions, thinking, and overall, yourself. Moreover, we control majority of what happens in our life through faith. Each person is different when it comes to where their faith stems from. Faith can come from a higher being or yourself. Understand that having faith in yourself does not mean that you cannot have faith in a prime mover. The gift of faith from within, for some, may even come from a superior spirit. Going back to The Martian, Mark and his team take a big risk. While trying to meet him at a certain distance they came across a complication. The distance from his co-worker and him was too far. Making his own decision, Mark poked a hole in his space suit, releasing air they would help lift him to his destination. Mark and his team were very aware of the cons of his action, but Mark asserted that he had faith in himself. “I’m not talking about faith in God, I’m talking about Faith in Mark Watney (The Martian).” In addition, control is grasped through decisions. Grinding is an important action to maintain control of your life. Many people put in at least ten thousand hours to get to the professional level of their dreams (Gladwell 12). Making the decision of working hard and giving all that you have landed these people at the top of their class. Another case scenario refers back to World Champion high jumper Donald Thomas. David Epstein asserts that, “Thomas decided to put his hops where his mouth was. He went home and grabbed a pair of sneakers and returned to the Lindenwood field house…” Because Thomas decided to give it a try, his decision landed him a title as a World Champion in the Olympics (Epstein 5). Recognition of decisions that have been made may also lead in you in the right direction. Decisions, good or bad, can always be a lesson learned. Whether you studied harder and got realized it got you a better grade, or even if you made a poor choice and realized that it didn’t get you very far. To begin, control is gained through determination. The more one tells themselves they can do it, they will. A good exemplar of this is showed in Twentieth Century Fox’s, The Martian. Mark Watney, played by actor Matt Damon, is an astronaut stranded on Mars. Knowing he had only so much time until he died of starvation, Mark began to concoct a plan to help him survive. With determination at hand, he created water to grow crops which prevented his seemingly unevitable death. The use of supplies left behind were all the resources Mark needed (The Martian). “At some point, everything’s gonna go south on you and you’re going to say, this is it. This is how I end. Now you can either accept that, or you can get to work. That’s all it is (The Martian).” Furthermore, Mark never settles for defeat. Inevitably, situations go wrong and solutions fail, but Mark is determined to keep trying until the problem is solved. “Do the math, solve the problem.” (The Martian)  “All aboard the Life Plane. You are getting ready to go to all the places you could imagine. Please give the attendants your tickets titled determination, decisions, and faith. Prepare yourself as there may be some turbulence along the way. Help yourself to the resources around you and please, enjoy the flight.” Life is merely a flight. You have boarded this plane knowing that life is not going to be facile, but will be worth it. Despite the fact that fate plays a role in life, the majority of what happens in our lives is controlled by ourselves through determination, decisions, and faith. Pilot of Control