Wedding a list of wedding gifts is necessary. Don’t

Wedding Gifts storage can be a challenge for most newlyweds.

Can you imagine if all of your guests of 100(or more) carry a gift? Where will
you keep them if you have limited space or, worse, if you have no space to put everything
in? How will you manage a new life and home free from clutter? 

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No need to be daunted by these thoughts since there are
helpful gift storage
tips for newlyweds like you to consider.


??Plan Ahead. You should anticipate
gifts in volume if you’re planning a big wedding. It may not be a traditional
practice, but some soon-to-be bride and groom now express their preference of
either receiving a gift item, cash, or gift certificate from their guests. It makes
sense since this eliminates extra items to store when guests know exactly what
to give you. This also gives the couple the option to pick only the essential
items when shopping for new items or availing the gift certificates.

Make a List and
Organize. If you have
enough space in your garage or an empty room in the house, a list of wedding
gifts is necessary. Don’t clutter that space by just storing them in
unorganized. You can divide the space into sections to put the gifts in
categories like kitchenware, bedroom, fragile, cooking, linens and towels,
bathroom, and so on.

From His and Hers to
Ours. Two
people living in one space means 2 different styles and tastes in furniture,
interior design, habits, and others. His and hers items will be combined this time.

It’s best to compromise in choosing the items you both like and value to
accessorize a cozy home. Maximize the space to open new place to place some (if
not all) of your wedding gifts.

Be Practical. Open communication is
essential even before starting a married life. Feel free to say what’s on your
mind in sorting wedding gifts. There’s no use keeping multiple items of the
same kind.  Consult your partner before
crossing out the item on the list of wedding gifts.

Donate to Charity. You are not giving your
guests a disservice if you will donate some wedding gifts which have no use for
both of you.

Rent a Storage Unit. Ask your friends and
family or search online for a reputable storage unit. This is the best idea to
keep your wedding gifts temporarily. You can rent out a unit as long as you
want to as storage unit providers offer a flexible time to hold out important
items for you. Your wedding planner might have an idea or

the Unconventional. You may ask for purchase receipts form your
guests by returning a gift to the store in exchange for another item. This is
possible but unconventional.


Finally, you will walk down the aisle! Don’t make the same
mistake of other couples who didn’t planned on having a safe place to store
their gifts while on honeymoon, getting settled  in a new space, or
scouting for a house for sale.