We reasons. First, he must have studied hard and

We can see him on
100-dollar bill. The man, Benjamin Franklin, is one of the most famous founding
fathers of the United States of America. He was the only founding father to
have signed the three most important documents that led to Independence: Treaty
of Alliance with France, Treaty of Paris and the Declaration of Independence. Today,
people know about Franklin the politician. But he achieved in various fields
before he became a politician. He is really incredible person for some reasons.

  First, he must have studied hard and succeeded
in various fields. In his early days, he achieved a great success as a printer
in Philadelphia. In 1728, he opened a print shop. History.com staff said that
he “producing produced a range of materials, including government pamphlets,
books and currency” in that shop and soon it became the most popular shop in
Philadelphia. Moreover, he established America’s first subscription library
in1731. This library became a successful library and a lot of subscription
libraries were opened in other cities after that. (Benjamin Franklin
Biography.com) Although today we only know about him as a politician, he also
achieved as a printer in his life.   

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   Next, I believe that he had a big influence on
the world and changed the world. In this paragraph, I’ll tell you about
franklin as a scientist and inventor. Why he became a scientist? Juan Bosque, a
professor of anthropology, mentioned that he took interest in electricity and started
studying it by himself in 1746. His kite-experiment is one of the most famous
scientific experiment. One day in 1752, he conducted an experiment by flying a
kite in a storm and proved that lighting was electricity. And he invented the
lighting rod. It can prevent buildings from burning by striking the lighting. His
invention was not only the lighting rod. He invented some more tools. One is
Franklin stove, which is his first inventions and “it provides more heat with
less fuel” (A&E Television Networks). Before his invention, people used
fireplaces in their houses and they produced a lot of smoke.  I assume that many people came to live more
comfortably thanks to his invention. The other is Bifocals, which is attached
both distance lens and up-close lens into a frame. Bifocals allow people to see
long and close distance easily so I’m sure that it must have been useful for many
people who have poor eyesight. And other is a musical instrument which called
glass armonica. According to William Zeitler, armonica was a big hit especially
in Germany and Ludwig van Beethoven and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wrote two works
for it. I’m certain that he made a lot of people happy with his invention.

He was not only the politician but printer, scientist,
and inventor. He contributed to improve the world and people’s lives in his
whole life. That’s why he is on 1000-doller bill, which is the highest U.S.
bill denomination. We have to take interest in various things and try to do
something new like him. I think he is a really good person we should follow.