We led by New Englanders who were against the

We should consider the period between French and Indian war and the War of 1812 a long Civil War because the French and Indian war included several acts were passed after the Seven years war that tried controlling people and these acts kept being declined or one can say kept failing because people didn’t want to follow the acts the authorities issued. Also, a civil war was started but wasn’t successful. In 1764, the sugar Act reduced by 3 pints per gallon and there was an indirect tax on sugar but wasn’t enforced. In 1765, the stamp act tax on all printed materials. Because they couldn’t find representers they trusted they, they were rejected because they were not taxed in british Parliament which means they weren’t taxed as Englishmen. After all the Sons of Liberty which was led by New Englanders who were against the Stamp Act targeted royal officials, taxed American colonist on each document they used. The Declaratory Act was passed in 1766 this appeals the Stamp and Sugar act. “We can still tax you directly”- British Parliament. In 1767, the Townshend act was passed. This act issued new rules to regulating the economy and the Crown was able to get revenue. Later, in 1770, the Boston Massacre happened this caused tension to increase, young soldiers were killed in a mob protest. East india company shipped off tea which got lost during the shipping to the colonist. Which made them lose trade with people. On December 17th, 1773 the Boston Tea party was caused by the Tea Act. People were dressed as Mohawks to disguise themselves to throw the Tea overboard when it was being shipped and Colonist were trading tea for money. But because of the Boston tea party and Boston Massacre a few Americans were dead and wounded. Boston Port Act closed the port to Boston until the colonist paid the British back for the lost tea they shipped. Also, because of the lost tea and not being paid back yet, the Massachusetts Gov. Act stated that Colonist couldn’t govern themselves anymore, only British could. Colonist was eventually issued a lot of rules by the British. The Administration Justice Act was about giving the British royal official protection. The Courting Act required the colonist to provide a quarter for the British which was letting one British soldier stay with them, if taxes weren’t paid to British. This was required because British had a hard time keeping revenue. The Quebec Act included British protecting the French catholics while living in the British colonies. It protected Native Americans but hindered colonist plan to expand westward. During the war of 1812 British burned down the white house which caused a civil war that wasn’t successful. In 1812 war was started by Britain because the French gaining protection over British rule in Canada, British alliancing with Indian allies to branch from Florida to Canada and federalist collapse because of the new England states were against war and New England refuse to use their militarism in the war, even supply the British with military tools for the war. First of all,  the United States expanded westward , along the East Coast until it landed near the Pacific ocean. Which is the goal of Manifest Destiny. The Manifest Destiny westward expansion caused war with New Mexico because Mexico was forced to give up land above California. John O’Sullivan said “It as a God given right”. Even though some people was against slavery, they still did what the Manifest Destiny required them to do , In order to free other people. By the end of 1848 the U.S was back to looking usually how it looks today. Eventually, I’m 1848 the Gold Rush in California started. Gold was found and it caused a large migration which affected the Native Americans when settlers migrated forwards them. Native Americans were forced by Andrew Jackson in 1830 to leave their territory because settlers were taking over territory. However, the Native Americans and white people had a military disagreement which lead to fighting and it caused several deaths. Also, In 1845 the Annexation of Texas went to war with Mexico because Texas insisted independence from Mexico. Texas (United States) ended up winning and they were controlling California and American Southwest in 1848. In 1849, the Missouri Compromise was issued. This compromise caused an issue between people against slavery and people who agreed with slavery. 11 states were free and 11 states were slave states. In 1857, the Dred Scott case was going on. The court stated ” Dred Scott had no right to sue any one because he was a “slave”. “Slavery could exist in any of the territories,” “People in power will always compromise the issue of slavery.” Because of the court decision it led to Abolitionism and pressured people in power. Later, the Kansas-Nebraska Act was issued by Federico Douglass. This act persuaded people to favor the Kansas-Nebraska Act because it will stop slavery but stopping slavery will be decided by popular sovereignty. People favored both Kansas and Nebraska and they defended the sides they were on. In 1854 and 1855 Kansas had 2 constitutions and 2 legislators , they had open revolts going on and slavery became a big issue which lead to brutal fights that shedded a lot of blood. In 1820, the Monroe Doctrine was issued by Adams. It rejected the Europeans being able to colonize or intervene within the affairs of the independent nations of Americans. Overall, the doctrine declared the expansion of the U.S will remain neutral in war between European powers and their colonies. In 1830, the Indian Removal Act was issued by Andrew Jackson which gave the U.S government permission to force people out of their homes and they force people to sign removal treaties such as the Cherokee, Seminole, Chickasaw, and more. When they were forced out of their homes they took the Trail of Tears. In 1845, Texas became apart of the united states which lead to Mexican-American War. In 1848, Wilmot Proviso outlawed slavery expansion in areas the U.S obtained from Mexico. However, this caused the start of the Mexican American war. Because this Proviso failed California eventually passed the constitution that banned slavery. The following is a part of the Compromise of 1850 which is the replacement of the Wilmot Proviso: Popular sovereignty, California joins union as a free state, new territories between California and Texas will be open to Slavery, Texas will give up its claim to Mexico government and pay Mexico 10 million to give up, slave trade will be back in Dc(not slavery), a new stronger fugitive slave law will be enacted and no slavery in Canada. The Fugitive Slave Law issued, a slaveholder could claim runaway slaves. There was Federal support for catching slaves, Any slave captured will be judged as a runaway slave, catchers will be paid ten dollars if a slave they caught was a runaway slave and they were paid five dollars if not, a runaway slave. Captured African Americans cannot testify whether or not he or she was a slave. It became probable to enslave blacks, and any citizen obstructing will be in prison for 6 months fined One-thousand dollars. This was a cause for the American civil war because whites were forced against their own decisions. They were forced to hunt for slaves by the fugitive Slave Act. After, Fort Sumter got set on fire he sent a message to the confederates and that sparked the war between Confederates and union which was the American Civil War. The Emancipation proclamation by Abraham Lincoln emancipated slaves, who rebelled against union in and state. This expanded the importance of the Civil War, which was to not only protecting the Union, but to free slaves. The Gettysburg Address happened in 1863, November 19th. Lincoln spoke at this ceremony and honored the deaths of the War. Eventually, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in 1865 by John Wilkes Booth for a unknown reason. Andrew Johnson became president and passed the 13th Amendment which abolished Slavery, Andrew Johnson also had Reconstruction Policies that helped white southerners except leaders and he gave them permission to create new governments. Herman Husband is the leader of the Regulators and he is a preacher. Pamphleteer farmer and more. The Regulators was a group that went against the Taxes and fee systems. Broteer was a enslaved American. He had the opportunity to fight for the British in exchange for freedom. When the 1600s came he was out of slavery and rebelled against enslaved Americans when joined the British Crown. Joseph Brant is a Native American and he is a member of the Mohawks and Iroquois. He fought in the American revolutionary war on British side to maintain his freedom. He also fought with the British because he knew they were going to win because of their high militarism. Brant was a Mohawk Chief who convinced the Iroquois to be in alliance with Britain.  Ezekiel Brown was a poor man in jail. He soon joined the army to get out of jail and to gain money. Chapter 11 talks about Americans developing more and Chapter 12 talks about industrialization developing. Both chapters are similar because they both are about developing in some type of way. In chapter 11, Railroads were made which separated the people onto caste systems. Robber Rebels took on every advantage to be noticed more such as, controlling people. The widespread and steam and electricity spead up the processes and help produced better. The industrial also divided the rich and poor because the railroads were promoting the rich with higher wages and poor were given lower wages. That was unfair because Rich people had less working jobs, while getting paid high wages and Poor people had tons of work to do and they were barely getting paid. Chapter 12 is similar because in this chapter