We car sharing. Also, by collaborating with the different

We understand that consumer always evaluates and creates a
perception about the product as well as the brand before buying the product. The
consumer behaviour is greatly influenced by the personality of the product’s
actual customers. It is how the brand is marketed that creates a brand image in
the customer’s mind and if there is a fit between the self-concept of the
potential customer and the way the brand is marketed or the personality of the
brand’s customer, then it leads to positive purchase intention and positive
attitude towards the brand by the customer. Study conducted by Seong-Yeon Park
and Eun Mi Lee (2005) reinforced that the congruence between brand personality
and self-image led to increase in customer satisfaction, customer-brand
relationship and brand loyalty.

If the company is focusing on targeting the consumers who
want to have a car but cannot afford one, then marketing the car sharing
concept in such a way that it builds a brand image that it is about saving a
lot of money and not compromising on the luxury as well which on the other hand
is an expensive affair, it will be appealing to both the middle-class segment
and lower end segment who tend to maintain a close eye on their expenditure due
to limited money but also wish to have luxuries in their lives. For example, advertisements
showing middle class families using the services for their weekend getaways and
saving money will influence more people to switch from public transport to car
sharing. Also, by collaborating with the different companies  which will in turn pursue their employees to
use the services of the car sharing, the marketers can create a self-image
congruence in the minds of aspiring working professionals for example someone
who is in his final year of studies and is eager to take on the corporate world
will be inclined to use the services of car sharing. This will also create a
competition between employees in the rival companies will want to have the
access to same services.   

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