way The major problem raised is that “how can

way in
which it should be expressed so as not infringe on the liberty of the minority
groups. Moreover, true as it may be that most constitutions defend the freedom
of speech, it is also true that these constitutions place limits on how freely
one can express themselves because of the harm and offense that unlimited
speech can cause. For example, the first amendment of the USA’s constitution protects
freedom of speech and yet there exist laws regarding
libel, obscenity, national security, access to government information, and
regulation of electronic mass communications. John Stuart Mill, despite being one of the
greatest defenders of free speech suggested that “a struggle is always in
conflict with the demands of the authority and liberty,” it is impossible to have
one without the other. This is to say that, regardless of the type of government
in place, for there to be order there must be the authority and for there to be
peace there must be an honest and respectful way in which to freely express one’s

However, with the fast growing of technology, the internet has come to
be the major place where people from all over the world can connect and share their
opinions freely. And this has created special kind of problems when trying to regulate the internet. This is due to the complexity
of the nature of the internet. Every country has their own standard and
interpretation of free speech. The major problem raised is that “how can one
individual living in China be punished for accessing indecent material posted
online by another individual living in the USA?” Besides, what is permitted in
one country may be prohibited in another and vice versa. Thus, many governments across the world acknowledge the value of freedom on the
internet as well as the threats to peaceful coexistence it can bring if not
well regulated. Therefore, more governments now
pressure companies and individuals
to remove some content and block or filter the relevant websites and
services. On the contrary, while filtering and blocking are used mostly, the fast-growing use of encryption and circumvention tools has made them less

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