VPN it. It allows the users on the network

VPN Connectivity:

The importance
of our project lies in the creation of VPN connectivity where there will be a
secure VPN connection done to connect the Main Office with the other two
branches via the internet. The secure VPN connection will result in many
benefits like the easiness of sharing resources among the branches like files,
folders and printers. Therefore, easy resource sharing will increase the
productivity of the company and will save a lot of money 1.

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of Domain Controller / Active Directory:

installation of Domain controller is a must when creating a network within an
organization. It’s a server that react to the security authentication requests.
However, a user can be given access to many computer resources like files,
folders and printers with the use of username and password.

of Outlook Exchange Server:

Exchange server will increase the productivity of the company. The exchange
server allows to send and receive e-mails through a network of computer
devices. In addition, its offers many features like scheduling, task management
and contacts option. However, the exchange server meets the requirements for
the small and large organizations and it’s easy to manage and administrate.

of File and Print Server:

The file server
is very important to any network and we depend a lot on it. It allows the users
on the network to share files like documents or any other file type without the
need of physical file transfer by disks or external storage devices. Also, the
file server allows to make backup for the important data on the network. As for
the print server we use it because it allows the printer to be connected to the
network and to make the printers shareable for the users in the network.

Firewall configuration:

The firewall considered as the clincher of any
network which can prevent the unauthorized users to get into the network.it
protect the network by filtering the incoming and outgoing packets. The Cisco
ASA firewall is one of the best solutions for setting up a VPN connection
because ASA firewall combines a lot of features together in one device such as
it’s a Firewall, it has VPN capability and an antivirus 6.

Routers installation:

We will replace the old routers with new VPN
pass-through routers because the old routers don’t have the VPN pass through
feature. The VPN pass-through feature allows the VPN traffic to pass in the
router and that will lead to the ability of establishing a VPN connection 7.


Switches will be deployed in the main office
and the two branches. There will be two types of switches to deploy, the Layer
2 switch which is used to connect with the network components like workstations
and printers where the layer 3 switch will be used to connect with servers,
routers and firewalls.

description of the above components:

As we have mentioned above and after creating
the VPN connectivity I am going to add multiple servers like file, exchange and
print server with the configuring the Active Directory feature in the domain
controller. Then there will be the setting of the network components like VPN
routers to connect the branches together and firewalls to protect the network
from any possible danger.

Opnet 🙁
Optimized Network Engineering Tool)

we start to establish and implement a network in reality, we have to test the
network on stimulation software specified in creating network virtually to be
able to take the appropriate to avoid any loss or waste of time before the establishing
of network in reality. Opent is stimulation software that is used to do
stimulation for any network environment regardless to the size of the network
environment, devices used in it, technology and the connections type. Then
after configuring the network you can measure the network performance alongside
with measuring the parameters of the network like, delay, traffic and loads.