Virtual experience by bringing to life the information. Virtual

Virtual reality is a computer-generated
environment that can be represented as a real world environment or a creative
fantasy. Virtual reality can be used for entertainment, but it is also beneficial
in business and education. One reason virtual reality is beneficial in business
is because it allows employers to simulate work conditions in order to improve
employee training. One reason virtual reality is beneficial to education is
because it gives the students a unique and interactive learning experience.
Virtual reality has been fast growing and there are multiple proponents of
virtual reality that can attest to its benefits.

One proponent for the benefits of virtual
reality in education is Hunter Lanes High School. Hunter Lanes High School introduced
virtual reality to their students in an effort to enhance their learning
experience. The principal Dr. Susan Kessler will attest that the virtual
reality learning experience is effective because it can provide a experience
anchor to the learning experience that can’t be accomplished in a regular
classroom setting. Hunter Lanes High School is one example of how introducing
virtual reality can improve the learning experience and create a unique learning
experience to interest the students. Virtual reality simulates various real
world experiences, which can be used to assist in the learning experience by
bringing to life the information. Virtual reality simulations are effective in
education, but they are also effective in business.

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reality simulation allows businesses to improve training by simulating work
conditions. Simulations feel real to the person in the headset, so when using
the headset for training it will feel like a real experience to the employee
and the take away from the experience would be similar to real world situations.
Virtual reality has the ability to simulate a wide variety of situations, which
makes it easy for virtual reality training to adapt to a large variety of businesses.
Virtual reality training also has the benefit of giving an interactive training
experience without the stress of worrying about making a mistake. In virtual
reality training, if there is an error the simulation can be restarted, but the
learning from the simulation remains with the employee. Using this system for
training and getting rid of the stress of making a mistake will encourage employees
to be more creative with their solutions and practice aspects of their
performance that they feel need to be improved.

In conclusion virtual reality is beneficial
in education and business. Virtual reality is beneficial to education because
it allows students to experience an interactive learning experience that can’t
be experienced in a regular classroom setting. It also creates a memorable
experience for the material, which makes it easier for the students to retain.
In business virtual reality allows employers to improve training by using
simulations of work scenarios to allow employee’s to practice without the fear
of making a mistake. Virtual reality has various benefits in business and
education, and with the ability of virtual reality to adapt to many scenarios
it can be applied to a wide variety of fields.