Virtual any intervention of humans. Lifecycle management As the

Virtual reality

complete elements and process of the smart factory are in virtual reality time
representation. All the virtual parts interact with the physical components to
perform the operation. For instance, the central hub collects all the
information from the surrounding through software and sensors. These data are
then send to the hub system through Ethernet and processed. The feedback is
send to the control system and the above procedure repeats without any intervention
of humans.

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                As the
computer system decides the process to be carried out, it analyses with various
data in nature and finds the easiest and the efficient way to solve it. Hence
the development or planning time, setting time, process time and cost can also
be reduced significantly. The customer can also easily track his product when
it is getting manufactured. Variance of the products been produced can have
good scope with minimal non-value-added time. 


Smart factory characteristics


main characteristic of a smart factory is its connectivity of the material with
the process, relationship between the departments of the factory, interlink
between the customer, supplier and production process along with the capability
of Artificial Intelligence to take decisions in real time. Sensors should be
setup in all possible sub system to extract data and keep the control system
updated. The system also retrieves the historic data of the past and relates
them with the current data. It should also retrieve information from the
customer and the supplier end to create a highly efficient supply chain and
network efficiency.



factory should be designed in such a way that all the process should be
optimized to have its least process time. Automation should be given higher
importance and human interaction should be reduced as much as possible. In the upcoming
years energy consumption is also more important, so renewable energy sources
should be preferred. The other two things to be noticed is quality and wastage.
Highly precise and high-quality products should be produced with minimum
wastage as possible. All these optimizations will automatically reduce the cost
of the product. Optimization should also be done in setup time by implementing
SMED, having optimal lead time and having minimal inventory and stock.