Vikings isn’t much information on Rollo’s parents except for

Vikings from past centuries were mostly known for raiding other civilizations and sailing off into the ocean to find another civilization to conquer. Most people would also see Vikings as vicious, cruel people, but they did cooperate when they needed to and made trust with other people when they traded. They traded very strange things including Slaves, honey, tin, wheat, wood, fur, hide, feathers, ivory, and amber (Primary History…). The Vikings even had a name for the slaves they would trade. The Vikings slaves were called thralls. Vikings normally came from Norway, Sweden, or Denmark. They believed in Norse mythology. “Norse mythology is the body of mythology of the North Germanic people stemming from Norse paganism and continuing after the Christianization of Scandinavia and into the Scandinavian folklore of the modern period.” (Encyclopædia Britannica…) One major Viking that emerged during 845 AD was a leader named Rollo. Rollo was one of the earliest Vikings to be The Duke of Normandy. People were so intrigued by Rollo they made a movie explaining his history. Rollo Lothbrok who was one of the most influential Vikings of the 9th century and one of the first ever Viking leaders was a very successful Viking raider. He was famous for his violent behavior and leadership that led Vikings to raid and invade other countries which caused him to become the most powerful French Viking.First, Rollo Lothbrok came from and was born in Scandinavia (Fletcher 34). In the middle ages, records weren’t kept, so there isn’t much information on Rollo’s parents except for minor details about their family tree. His parents were named Rognvald Eysteinsson and Hildr Hrolfsdottir (The Genealogical Tree…). Rollo had a brother, and his name was Ragnar Lothbrok. He was a 9th-century Danish king. He had a nickname for how tall he was. His nickname was Rolf the walker. He had a conflict with some of the world’s most famous Emperors and kings out there. The Franks was one of the most tedious Civilization to fight because he had to fight them multiple times (Rollo of Normandy…). Of course he won several times, but the Franks were still very powerful compared to a lot of other civilizations. That was before Ragnar became king. When he fought against the Franks he was still a great Viking. One of the biggest was Charlemagne. Charlemagne was a famous emperor that was crowned by a pope. He had one of the biggest armies during that time. Charlemagne wasn’t the one to dethrone him. It was another king. His name was Anglo Saxon, and he was the king of Aella of Northumbria. He captured King Ragnar and threw him in a snake pit to have him killed brutally. Rollo’s brother had three children that were also successful (Ferguson 48). Rollo’s parents were close relatives with the earliest known king of Norway. People are thinking that is why he became a Viking at around 885-886 (Encyclopedia Britannica). Once he became a Viking, it soon lead him to the path of the First Duke of Normandy. He first had to earn his way into becoming a Viking by proving himself a strong and effective leader. Although at the same time, he just started a new family that he had to think about and attend to. He did what he wanted and traveled with his fellow Vikings to find his future wife in Scotland and fell in love instantly. Her name was Poppa of Bayeux (Encyclopedia of World Biography). Not only was this woman a great mother, but a great wife to Rollo. In fact, this woman was so magnificent and outgoing  society made a statue of her for everyone to see at the Place de Gaulle. Poppa knew some people who lived in France, and it just so happened that one of them was a Frank. The Franks were people that lived in France and were rich. The Rollo and his Christian wife soon became parents of William. William took his father’s place as 2nd Duke of Normandy after his father died (Rollo of Normandy Familypedia…). William had to take his father’s footsteps and help Normandy. So he had some conflicts here and there, including a fight with another king. The king’s name was King Louis the fourth. During one battle when William needed help, one of his greatest allies stepped up and his name was Hugh the Great. Alongside each other, William and Hugh fought their best, and won the war. William became successful as well as his father.Secondly, Rollo was a great Viking leader. He is the one who earned himself the title he still has today. As a Viking, he knew the strengths of his fellow Vikings, and he put their strengths to work. He had to be a team player and lead the Viking civilization to victory. Though for him to raid perfectly innocent civilizations, he had to be brave and fearless. He learnt to embody both of those traits. He raided many different places and people. The Vikings had a specific way of raiding (Primary History…). It was very strategic and mislead the enemy, so they could pounce upon them and steal their things. First, they like to send a part of their army as wave one. While wave one was distracting, the next wave sneaked in and surprised them while they were distracted with wave one. For the Vikings, it was a lot easier to raid than it would be today because they didn’t have to deal with the military or body guards guarding the village. They could defeat the village and come home with an abundance of treasures and goodies for them to use. Vikings raided a lot of civilizations located near their home base. They would go to Ireland, Iceland, Greenland, Canada, and Faroe Islands (Famous Men of…). Although there was one place where the Vikings loved raiding, France. They raided France so many times that one of the people gave him a piece of land to make peace. They called the land Normandy, and Rollo, as the leader, decided to become the Duke of Normandy. Charles the Simple, who at the time was King of the Franks, saw the conflict between them and he decided to give the Vikings the land and make peace with the Vikings (Brownworth 67). Part of the reason why Rollo got the land so easily is that his wife was close with the Franks. Rollo now had the power that he could use to help the Vikings, and that is just what he did. When he accepted the offer of the land, Rollo got even more famous for making that decision and people back in his hometown started bragging about him. He even got a nickname “Rolf the Ganger.” Although as the Duke of Normandy he couldn’t be a true Viking so he got away from it and focused on being the best Duke in the world.  When Rollo was granted the role of Duke of Normandy, he became a new man and became Christian.  He was later baptized by an archbishop that lived in the city of Rouen. Rouen was the Capital of Normandy (Rollo the Viking…). Once he had finally became use to being the Duke of Normandy, he decided to make some things different and expand a little, but he didn’t get around to finish it. So, his son finished it for him, and it turned out great. Eventually, it became one of the most powerful kingdoms making Rollo one of the most powerful French Rulers.                                                                                                  In conclusion, Rollo the Viking has been one of the most influential Vikings of them all. He made the right decisions when most needed. It didn’t matter whether he fell or lost the battle, what really mattered was his braveness and leadership skills that helped himself strive to help his civilization. He had a conflict with France, and The King saw it and confronted Rollo and Rollo agreed. He made one of the best decisions of his life when he accepted that. Even his old town had seen his accomplishments and they had something to brag about. They even had a great role model to strive for. The result from his success was he became famous and inspired many others with good decisions. His accomplishments gave him the awesome title the first Duke of Normandy. He set the bar for others. He taught them to fight to become the best even if you have conflicts along the way. He knew it was hard to conquer, but to him he knew he just had to work to get to the top. That is why people thought that it was a good idea to make a  movie about Rollo and his adventures as a Viking. When people think of Rollo, they often think of him like his life was well lived. He made their family known and started the fame for his family. He made  taught William that he could do better than his dad and make better achievements.